Important Tips for Cleaning Natural Carpet Materials

Natural carpet would offer your home a luxurious and warm feel that a majority of synthetic carpet manufacturers would look forward to imitating with their cheap models. Carpets manufactured of jute, wool, pineapple, hemp, coconut, and other plant fibers need simple and careful cleaning methods.

Among the several types of carpets, wool has been commonly preferred by homeowners. The major reason would be due to a higher production supply compared to eco-fabrics. As a result, several consumers would be aware of naturally sourced carpet materials regularly reintroduced in the market.

The price of the carpet would be a major concern for most people. Rest assured that the price of the carpets would range from cheap to sky is the limit. Therefore, you should set a budget and stick to it. Consider the need for a carpet and the individuals treading on the carpet. A high traffic area should have a sturdy carpet.

For a home with children and pets, consider using an easy-to-clean carpet. However, if you were searching for discounted prices on seagrass rugs, consider the best dealer in the region having a decent reputation in the market. If you were unaware of the best place to purchase a seagrass rug, do not fret, as you would find adequate information below to seek the best deals for premium quality rugs at highly discounted prices.

Cleaning a natural carpet

Cleaning dust and soil

Dust and soil from wool carpet could be removed easily. It would be pertinent to mention here that wool material could remove dry soil relatively easier than the available synthetic fiber. You could remove the soil by vacuuming the carpet regularly. However, deep cleaning the carpet could be scheduled once or twice a year.

Light vacuuming the carpet

Light vacuuming one to three times a week is recommended for regular cleaning of the carpet. It would not over-expose the fibers to excessive friction and pressure. Yet another method for extracting soil from wool would be by sprinkling carpet-cleaning powder, agitating lightly, and extracting everything with a vacuum. However, be prudent to avoid excessive agitation, as it could cause major damage to a wool carpet.

Spot removal

For spot removal, consider taking immediate action. As soon as the spill occurs, it would be imperative to blot the moisture of the carpet by using clean towels. Consider cleaning the area with appropriate cleaning solutions, rinse, and then dry it.

Natural carpets are popular for holding moisture easily in them. It would make it fire retardant along with causing it to dry for a longer duration. Wetness for a considerable duration could cause yellowing and shrinking of the fibers. Therefore, when you use wet cleaning methods, ensure to dry the carpet completely and quickly. Consider fluffing the fibers when it gets dry. It would help restore its body and volume.

Choosing carpet cleaning materials

When you choose carpet-cleaning materials, consider the ones without strong chemicals, dyes, and bleaches. Ensure that a cleaner could clean the carpet quickly and effectively. It would not expose the carpet to strong cleaning agents, other liquids, and water for a significant length of time. It would be in your best interest to choose the products having ph 7 or less alkaline levels.

Consider avoiding harmful cleaning agents encompassing alkaline, bleaches, and those having ph levels higher than nine, as it could result in browning of the carpet. It would be pertinent to use specific cleaning methods for specific types of materials. It would be in your best interest to use those methods of cleaning your specific carpet material.


For effective cleaning and maintaining of natural carpets, consider hiring the services of a professional carpet cleaning service. It would be important for cleaning the carpet once a year. They would perform a thorough cleaning of the carpet using their experience and skills.