Improve your sexual libido with the help of the best sexologist in Delhi

Some people, over time, start losing sexual desires and are unwilling to perform sexual intercourse with their partners. It is not because they have lost interest in their partner or stopped loving them. But low sexual desires or Low libido can result from some hormonal or neurological changes that a man may suffer. By consulting the best sexologist in Delhi, one can treat these health issues and improve their libido to relive the fun.

Dr. Chirag Bhandari, is the well known doctor to provide treatments for low libido problems. As he explains, that “Low libido can be caused due to any emotional, physical and mental reasons. It is important to have a proper diagnosis before taking any medicine, tablets or Ayurveda Churn.”

Dr Chirag is an andrologist and expert in treating low libido and offers treatment with the best success rates in the city.

What is Low Libido and How the best Sexologist in Delhi can treat it?

Libido is a technical/medical name given to the term desires or sex-drive in both males and females.

Testosterones are the responsible hormone for men’s sexual drive. When there is a significant drop in these hormones from the male body either because of ageing or due to psychological or physical cause, the men is said to have low libido. The drop down in sexual drive after 40 years on man’s age can be symptoms of andropause (male menopause)

Low libido problems can happen to many guys, but very few admit that they have one. And the reason why they hide it is that they don’t want anyone to question their masculinity.

Low Libido is a severe sexual issue that can affect any individual. Therefore, instead of hiding it from the partner, one must get open about it. By doing this, you can save your bond, and it will also help you find a solution to it.

Impact of Low Libido in men on Sexual Performance