May 20, 2022

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7 Indonesian Cuisine Menus with Cheap But Healthy Prices

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Indonesian Cuisine Menus

In contrast to western food menus which are usually made from natural, healthy ingredients, and cooked by boiling, burning, or roasting. Typical Indonesian food is the opposite of western food, arguably not very healthy because it is usually processed by frying. Frying it also uses oil, how many times has it been used for frying.

But, don’t get me wrong. Not all Indonesian food is fried. There are also some foods that are cooked by boiling and burning. More will be discussed below.

Tempeh Steak

Unlike steaks in general, which are made from meat. This time, the steak will use tempeh as the main raw material. First of all, the tempeh is steamed, pounded, then doused with Indonesian spices. After that, mix in the flour and fry until cooked. 

Serving menus like this is very easy to find in food stalls on the side of the road. About the taste, still delicious. This steak is also nutritious because it is made from processed tempeh.

Fried rice

Fried rice has always been a mainstay of the menu in several places to eat, whether in stalls, cafes, or restaurants. However, not all places to eat have the same taste of fried rice. For example, Kebon Sirih Goat Fried Rice.

This fried rice stall doesn’t need to be questioned anymore. Every day it is always crowded with visitors. Naturally, the taste of fried rice is very distinctive. Especially with the sprinkling of mutton pieces on top, it will make everyone addicted.


One Indonesian specialty that should not be missed is Pepes. This food can be found in many places. However, one must-try Pepes shop is RM. Ampere 2 in Jakarta. Here, you can enjoy various kinds of Pepes, both Pepes anchovy, offal, tofu, to Pepes Chicken. 

Uniquely, this Pepes shop is open 24 hours a day. Those of you who are often hungry in the middle of the night are perfect if you want to stop by here.

Grilled chicken

Processed fried chicken really shakes the tongue, especially when mixed with chili sauce. It sure feels solid. If it’s just fried chicken, you’ll be bored. How about grilled chicken? Various traditional spices that are applied to the meat during the roasting process add to the flavor of the grilled chicken.

Not only delicious and savory, grilled chicken is also good for those of you who are on a diet. Because this chicken does not use oil at all. Enjoy it with matchstick sauce or sweet spicy chili sauce so that it tastes even more delicious.


This one food is definitely known by a million people because it is often found in breakfast stalls. One serving of gado-gado usually contains pieces of rice cake, various vegetables, tempeh, tofu and boiled eggs, desain kamar tidur.

To make it even more delicious, the gado-gado is also doused with peanut sauce and sprinkled with crackers. Although served very simply, the gado-gado menu is always a favorite in the morning. Besides being cheap, this food is also healthy and filling.

Perkedel Kentang

Eating soup without cakes feels a little empty because cakes have long been a loyal friend of any soup preparation. Without being mixed into any menu, potato cakes are still tasty when eaten. Especially if you add chili sauce.

You can find this one dish anywhere, especially in breakfast stalls. The price of one potato cake is also very cheap. So, don’t hesitate if you want to buy a lot, pc gaming 6 jutaan.


One more dish before closing this review is capcay. Assorted vegetables are added to the broth, then doused with pieces of beef. It tastes so good! Besides being delicious, the capcay menu is also very healthy because it is dominated by vegetables. You can buy a capcay menu at a noodle shop or you can be creative in making your own capcay menu at home.

Indonesian Cuisine Is Always amazing

Although it is not a country with healthy food preparations, Indonesian cuisine has a very unique taste and certainly fits the tongue. Although various western foods have been scattered in Indonesia, but still, Indonesian cuisine remains number one in the heart.

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