Industrial chemical storage tanks

Industrial storage tanks are vessels that are used to store different materials such as gas, liquids, chemicals, and food. They come in different shapes and sizes and are made of different materials such as steel, stone, glass, or fiberglass.

Industrial chemical storage tanks are containers used in agriculture and different industries. They are used for storing propane gas, liquid gas, crude oil, petroleum, fertilizers, etc. These chemicals are used for the mixing and processing of finished products and raw goods. Being corrosive and inflammatory, they need to be stored safely.

Industrial chemical storage tanks

Types of industrial chemical storage tanks based on material

There are three types of industrial-grade chemical storage containers that are regularly used by various industries. They are:

Stainless steel tanks – These tanks are the best and most effective and durable for storing chemicals. They are used for storing diesel, gasoline, and acids. These tanks are primarily used in the oil industry However, this tank is not used by many industries because it is expensive and can only store select chemicals, making it unsuitable for storing chemicals.

The reasons why stainless steel tanks are the best in the business are they are lightweight, easy to store, resistant to corrosion and they can be recycled.

Fiberglass Tanks (FRP) – These tanks are handcrafted and are coated inside with chemical resin. Used in the alcohol industry, it is used to store bromide, alkalis, caustics, acids, and chlorides. They are not used by industries much because they can only store very few chemicals and are prone to leaks, making them not very viable options.

The reasons why this tank is mostly used in the industries are light in weight, they can be recycled and they are resistant to corrosion.

Linear polyethylene tanks – These containers are made of thermoplastic resin that makes it highly unlikely for any leaks or human errors. Chemicals such as sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid are stored in these tanks. They are most frequently used in the steel and food

manufacturing industries. It is very good for storing most chemicals. They are durable, strong, and inexpensive.

The reasons why this tank is mostly used in the industries are they are Inexpensive and they can store non-corrosive chemicals easily.

Cross polyethylene tanks – Due to their durable nature, these tanks are highly valuable in the market. Made of high-density polyethylene, they are used in the natural gas and sewage industry.

The reasons why this tank is mostly used in the industries are because they are strong, durable, they last long, they require the least maintenance and they are portable.

Type of industrial chemical storage tanks based on design.

When you are investing in your tank, you must also take into consideration the design of the tank. Types of tanks based on design included are vertical chemical storage tanks, horizontal

chemical storage tanks, and cone bottom chemical storage tanks.

Vertical chemical storage tanks

These tanks are used in the agriculture and commercial industries.  it is vertical in shape, as the name suggests. The benefits of using this tank are that they are great for stability as it has a firm base and can get even pressure distribution.

Horizontal chemical storage tanks

These tanks are horizontal in structure and are better than their vertical counterparts. It is primarily used in the agriculture and beverage industries. The benefits of using these tanks are they can be loaded and transported easily in trucks. Their shape also allows the liquids inside to heat or cool quickly.

Cone bottom chemical storage tanks

These tanks have a cone shaped bottom and are used for storing water, chemicals, liquid fertilizers, etc. They are used in several industries throughout. The benefits of using these tanks are that they are viable for use in industries where drainage of liquids is imperative and that chemicals that sludge can be stored in these tanks easily.

A few things to keep in mind

When you decide to purchase a chemical tank, you must keep these factors in mind such as the type of chemical you will be storing. You should also research the type of tank you need because water tanks cannot hold chemicals and the cost, material, and strength of the tank

Safety concerns

When purchasing chemical tanks, be certain that they are sturdy and can hold the chemical of your choice. If it is not the right tank, then it can cause many safety hazards. These hazards include such leaks, spills, contamination of water bodies such as lakes, which in turn may pose health risks to citizens.


Industrial chemical storage tanks are used for storing different chemicals for industries such as food, natural gas, sewage, etc. When you are purchasing a tank, a few factors such as what industry and chemical will the tank be used for.