Illuminating Our Spaces: An Insight into Vintage Tradco Door Handles

Are you embarking on a home renovation or simply yearning for a taste of tradition in your modern living room? Have you paused to grasp the critical role that door handles play in augmenting your space’s visual appeal? If not, then sit back as we unearth the charm and splendour that Tradco door handles bring to our homes. This Australian-based company, with its central focus on vintage designs, helps homeowners strike a balance between functionality and style. Today’s post delves into the unique aesthetics of Tradco door handles, their distinct styles, and why they are increasingly becoming a go-to choice for home improvement enthusiasts worldwide.

 Why Tradco for Your Vintage Aesthetic?

Tradco isn’t your average hardware manufacturer; it has steadily carved its own path in a competitive market through a relentless pursuit of excellence and distinctiveness. Three aspects distinctly set Tradco apart and make it a preferred choice for door hardware: design, quality, and variety.

The key to Tradco’s unmatched reputation lies in the charming designs of their door handles. The company’s dedicated team draws inspiration from various eras, heralding back to the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian times to create pieces abundant with vintage aesthetics. These designs allow homeowners to pepper their modern spaces with old-world charm and class.

Quality is a non-negotiable aspect for Tradco. The company is committed to delivering immaculate pieces that don’t compromise on durability. Tradco finely crafts its handles from premium materials, including brass, nickel, porcelain, and forged iron, offering not just aesthetic value but a commendable lifespan.

For every style enthusiast seeking diversity, Tradco extends an impressive array of choices. From elegant lever handles that spell sophistication to rustic drop handles that evoke a sense of the past, Tradco’s collection caters to various tastes, spaces, and requirements.

When Should You Choose a Vintage Door Handle?

The allure and timeless beauty of vintage door handles transcend their functional purpose. If you’re in a renovation mode, designing a new space, or simply craving a refreshing change, it might be the perfect time to consider a vintage style handle.

Tradco’s vintage door handles seamlessly blend with various home styles. For old homes, these accessories reinforce the antiquated charm that aligns with their mighty architecture. The Victorian epoch brass lever handle, for instance, can reintroduce the grandeur of yesteryears in traditional homes. These classic pieces can equally complement modern styles, serving as characteristic elements that stand out and proclaim their existence.

How to Select the Best Tradco Door Handle?

Selecting the ideal door handle from numerous styles and finishes is indeed a challenging task. It requires careful consideration of your existing decor style, the ambiance you’re aiming for, and the function that the handle needs to serve.

Start with evaluating the style and theme of your interiors. If you have a predilection for traditional charm, opt for Tradco’s authentic bronze or nickel handles. If you’re aiming for a smooth blend of modern and vintage, you might want to explore their ceramic and brass series.

Another factor to have in your checklist is the purpose that your door handle will serve. While lever handles are versatile and easy to operate, they suit best for high-traffic areas. Knobs and drop handles, on the other hand, are more of decorative elements suited for doors that don’t see much action.

Pros and Cons of Vintage Door Handles

Much like every other design element, vintage door handles carry their own set of benefits and pitfalls. The distinctive charm, unique pattern intricacies, and diverse design choice that these piece offer, make them a classic addition to any home. They carry a certain character and can transform an ordinary space into a delightful abode.

However, the intricate designs of vintage handles may require more maintenance to keep them in pristine condition. Their unique style might also not align with the ultra-modern decor styles. But if you have a keen eye for design, you can skillfully weave vintage pieces into a contemporary backdrop.

 Tradco, More Than Just Door Handles!

Tradco’s design narrative extends well beyond the realm of door handles. Their collection includes various home hardware accessories like curtain brackets, window locks, switch plates, and many more, all offering the charming essence of the past. Their commitment to timeless aesthetics and quality allows us to transform our homes into a vintage paradise lost in time.


The Vintage CallIn our quest for the perfect blend of functionality and style, vintage Tradco door handles come as a delightful discovery. Their timeless charm, superior quality, and the nostalgic trail they leave behind are hard to ignore. As we close the door to this insightful journey, what remains lingering is their unforgettable vintage aesthetic. The uniqueness that Tradco offers reinstates the fact that the smallest design elements can make the largest impact. It’s time we answered the call of the vintage aesthetics and embraced the Tradco tale of timelessness.

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