Instasave Online – Instagram Photo & Video Downloader

Instasave online is a unique tool that can be used to download Instagram photos and videos. This is absolutely free. Users cannot find out a specific option on the official Instagram platform to save media. Therefore, Instasave Online would be an amazing tool. It supports saving any media file such as videos, photos, IGTV videos, stories and albums. It is fast and even an online platform that users do not have to download to the device.

Download Instagram files using Instasave Online

Since we do not have an official way to download Instagram photos and videos, having an Instasave downloader is appreciative. The tool has been designed with a simple user interface. Users can simply paste the respective Instagram post link in the download bar and download the photo or the video. Instagram photo or video download process is no longer complicated when Instasave Online is there.

For being an online submission, users do not have to set up Instasave Online Downloader on their smartphone. Moreover, this can be used on whatever device like a smartphone or desktop. Users may wish to download Instagram media for various reasons. Thus, Instasave would be a simple way to bring all those important media files on devices.

Highlights of Instasave

  • Instasave online is a user-friendly tool
  • It is an online platform
  • Users can launch the tool on smartphones or desktops and even without concern the operating system of the device
  • Instasave free downloader is totally free
  • It is an unlimited approach and users can download media without any barrier
  • The rapid performance of the download process saves time
  • Photos and videos that download through Instasave free downloader will convert into JPG and mp4 orderly
  • Instasave video downloader platform will often update performances and fix issues for a better support

Guide to download Instagram posts

Downloading Instagram photos and videos using Instasave Online is quite simple. All media files will save to the device in seconds.

  • First of all, open the Instagram app or
  • Scroll down the platform and find out a certain post. Hashtags or the username of the profile too can be used to search the respective post. Or else the user has to find out the post by going through the timeline
  • When the post is there, go to the options list and copy the link. The three dots line on the top right corner of the post stands for the options list of the post. Tap or click the copy the link option and move
  • And then open the browser and search Instasave Online official web page
  • Paste the copied link in the download bar of the page
  • Select the “Download Now” button and again the “Download” button as well to confirm your command
  • Select both download options are important in order to continue the process properly
  • The respective file will save to the device gallery or folder within the next few minutes
  • Media will automatically convert into JPG and mp4 when saving to the gallery

Troubleshooting tips

When you are getting ready to download files from Instagram using Instasave Online, it is important to consider the following tips as well to make it successful.

  • Before use Instasave free application, make sure that the Instagram app has been updated to the latest version
  • Search the web and find out Instasave for free original web page
  • Make sure you copied the correct link
  • Check the gallery or the download folder and make sure there is enough space. If not, Instasave reels downloader will not be able to save media on your device. If the storage space running out, delete unnecessary files and prepare the device
  • Before downloading the file, check the Wi-Fi connection. A stable connection will support rapid performance and will save time

Wrapping up

Instasave photo downloader is quite simple and a handy tool for all Instagram users. It has a user-friendly interface that users can use without special instructions. Simply navigate to Instasave Online once there is a photo or video that you wish to go through even when you are offline. Instasave reels video downloader is a totally free platform like no other. Instasave downloader tool is unlimited and lets you download any file in whatever size.

Copy the certain link of the post and paste it right away in the download bar of Instasave Online. If the device is connected to a stable internet connection Instasave online downloader tool will save media to the device in seconds. No need to download the tool. Just launch the Instasave Online web page and move through. 


Instasave online will help you to download Instagram photos, videos, IGTV videos, albums, and stories easily. You can use this ultimate tool to get a nice experience with the Instagram photo and video downloading process.