Enhancing Security: Install 7 Advanced Features of Electronic Door Locks


The prevalence of intelligent products and fully automated home security systems is increasing in our households due to their inherent benefits.

Through the automation of daily operations and remote monitoring of house functions, these technologies provide ease and safety, while also demonstrating the advantages of a contemporary remote door lock system.

Common smart home gadgets such as electronic door locks provide the convenience of entering without a physical key and offer improved levels of protection.

In order to achieve complete automation, smart door locks have the capability to integrate with Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, and Google Assistant.

This essay will examine eight sophisticated functionalities that electronic door locks offer, revolutionizing our understanding and use of home security.

1. Access without the need of a physical key:

An electronic door lock installation system obviates the necessity of misplacing keys or creating duplicates.

Smart locks let the user secure and unsecure their home’s door by means of a smartphone application. Certain keyless-entry door locks use an electronic keypad positioned above the doorknob or handle, which operates the door using distinct access codes.

This obviates the necessity of rummaging through your pack for keys, concealing backups beneath the flower pot, or inadvertently neglecting to secure the door upon departure.

Convenient, isn’t it?

2. Control door access both at home and remotely:

Individuals derive pleasure from electronic door locks due to their ability to remotely manipulate their front door. Contemporary door locks equipped with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology enable homeowners to control and supervise them through smartphone applications.

Smart door locks, when connected to your house’s Wi-Fi, allow for remote locking and unlocking from any location. This makes them an excellent choice for a flexible and convenient home door lock system.

By utilizing this method, you can grant access to your relatives and friends when you are not present, verify the security of your locks while you are asleep, or allow the pet sitter to enter your premises during your two-week vacation.

3. Codes specifically designated for relatives and visitors/guests:

Exercise caution when considering the practice of concealing your physical key in common hiding spots such as the doormat, mailbox, or fake rock.

Burglars are aware of the most prevalent hiding spots where homeowners typically keep spare keys. Enhancing front door security can be achieved by eliminating the necessity for a spare key.

Realtime Biometric Smart Locks allow you to assign access codes to your friends and family. You have the option to grant your family, close friends, and relatives the ability to lock and unlock your door in your absence. Each individual will be assigned distinct codes for the door locks. Granting identical door lock permissions to all family members will effectively mitigate family disputes and conflicts.

4. Notifications for Visitors and Status Updates

Envision having the ability to ascertain the identities of individuals that enter and exit your residence at any given moment, regardless of the distance separating you, spanning hundreds of kilometers.

Electronic door locks provide real-time visitor and status updates to your smartphone or touch-screen base station whenever the front door is accessed.

The settings of your lock enable you to configure alarms that are customized to certain events. The touch-screen keypad has the capability to alert you about guests or automatically lock the door when you depart.

Being aware that your children have safely returned from school, the pet sitter has arrived punctually, and guests have checked in securely provides you with a sense of tranquility.

6. Personalized Smart Home Functions

Smart home compatibility is essential due to the projected use of smart home systems by 400 million households by 2025.

By utilizing a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled device, voice commands can be employed to control the lighting, thermostat, and locks of your home.

Simply command, “Alexa, secure my front door.” Simply effortless.

In addition, you can configure distinct smart home functions from your smartphone or touchpad to streamline your daily routine.

For example, your smartphone can alert you when the front door is unlocked.

7. Auto-locking feature

Human beings frequently exhibit forgetfulness when it comes to securing doors, thus necessitating the implementation of an automated door locking system to address these issues. These systems, equipped with an automated door lock and remote control, provide the convenience of automatically securing the property by locking the door after a specified period of time. This ensures peace of mind for homeowners, even if they forget to lock the entrance.

Are electronic door locks a worthwhile investment?

The door lock for the main gate is a worthwhile investment. Electronic door locks offer keyless entry, enhanced security, and remote access, making them a worthwhile investment. The product offers customizable options and integration with smart home systems to enhance its contemporary appearance and increase its market worth. Their worth is contingent upon individual preferences and proficiency with technology.


In summary, the development of electric door locks for residential purposes has ushered in a new era of home security. These locks serve not only as barriers against unauthorized entry, but also as complex systems that seamlessly combine cutting-edge technology with practical usability. Electronic door locks are at the forefront of meeting the growing demand for smart home solutions, providing enhanced security and peace of mind for homeowners.

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