Which iOS Devices Are Compatible with iOS 18 Features?

The public release of iOS 18 by Apple marks the introduction of several new features that are intended to improve the user experience, as well as security and productivity. Nevertheless, not all smartphones are compatible with these developments, as is the case with each new iOS version to be released.

The purpose of this comprehensive guide is to find out which iOS devices are compatible with iOS 18 features that these devices may take advantage of.

Supported Devices 

There are connection barriers involved with each iOS version, even though Apple is known for providing updates usable with older devices. Devices that are compatible with iOS 18 include the following gadgets:

  • iPhone 15 Series 
  • iPhone 14 Series 
  • iPhone 13 Series 
  • iPhone 12 Series 
  • iPhone 11 Series 
  • iPhone XS and XS Max 
  • iPhone XR 
  • iPhone SE 2nd gen 
  • iPhone pro 
  • iPad Air 4th gen
  • iPad 8th gen
  • iPad mini 5th gen

Using this compatibility list, Apple has proven its commitment to providing extended device support by making sure that even devices that launched a few years ago are still eligible to benefit from iOS 18.

Key Features of iOS 18

There are plenty of fresh features and improvements that are included with iOS 18. The following is a deeper look at some of the more noticeable ones:

Enhanced Privacy Features

Privacy is still an essential concept for Apple, and iOS 18 includes several new features that aim to enhance user privacy, including the following:

  • Advanced App Privacy Reports
  • Mail Privacy Protection 

Advanced App Privacy Reports

Users are given extensive details on how apps access their data, which might include using their camera, microphone, and location.

Mail Privacy Protection

By shielding your IP address and blocking email senders from knowing when you read their messages, this program helps you maintain confidentiality when connecting to the internet.

Improved Siri Functionality

With the release of iOS 18, we can see a lot of  significant enhancements that Siri has made. New features make Siri more competent and user-friendly:

  • Offline Siri
  • More Organic Interactions

Offline Siri Functions 

Siri now can do a variety of tasks even when it is not connected to the internet. These requests involve playing music, activating applications, general questioning, and setting alarms etc.

More Organic Interactions

The tone of Siri’s voice has been modified to make it seem more natural, and it is now able to comprehend more complex orders and offer more accurate replies.

Advanced Multitasking 

iOS 18 has brought forth major changes to the options of multitasking, particularly on iPads because:

  • Split View Enhancements 
  • Drag and Drop

Split View Enhancements 

With the addition of better cropping and app-switching features, Split View now supports a greater number of apps that are running together.

Drag and Drop

When moving between applications, users can drag and drop text, pictures, and files with more ease.

New Home Screen Customizations

Building on changes that were provided in previous versions of iOS, iOS 18 provides even more choices for customization, including the following:

  • Widget Stacks
  • Custom App Icons 

Widget Stacks

Users have the option to make use of the option to swipe between many widgets of the same size that are stacked on top of each other.

Custom App Icons 

Additional modification choices for app icons can be seen here, allowing users to tailor their home screens according to their preferences.

Device-Specific Features 

In addition to the fact that iOS 18 is jam-packed with features, some are only available on newer devices since older models have physical limitations. The following is a list of features that are exclusive to the most recent versions of the iPhone and iPad:

ProMotion Display Support 

The ProMotion technology, which provides a refresh rate of 120Hz, is only available on the iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro models, along with the most recent iPad Pro devices.

Scrolling is made more fluid, touch controls are made quicker to respond to, and the overall visual experience is made more fluid thanks to this creativity.

Enhanced AR Capabilities 

Apple continues to place an important focus on virtual reality (AR), and iOS 18 introduces further improvements like LiDAR Scanner Utilization and ARKiT 6.

Improved Camera Functionality 

Here we can see hardware improvements like Cinematic Mode 2.0 and Photographic Styles that are optimized for A15 Bionic chips. These features make the device better and enhanced.


One major rise that gives Apple’s mobile devices a lot of fresh functionality is iOS 18. Apple keeps supporting a broad spectrum of devices even if older models lack specific features to ensure that as many users as possible may benefit from the most recent software improvements. 

iOS 18 offers much to offer whether your smartphone is the newest iPhone 15 Pro or an iPad mini 5, thus improving its power and mobility.

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