Is coaching a must to crack the IAS exam?

Indian Administrative Services(IAS) is one of the toughest exams in India. The IAS exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission(UPSC). Every year thousands of students appear for exams but only a few students get success. The IAS exam needs lots of hard work and dedication. IAS is the dream career of many students. Aspirants who clear the IAS exam get different posts like the collector, commissioner, head of public sector units, chief secretary, cabinet secretary etc. All the roles are challenging and need lots of courage and knowledge.

Why is coaching required for the IAS Exam?

Every aspirant has a different capability. There are many students who are dedicated to their study and can study for more than 8 hours but there are many students also who don’t know the exact pattern of UPSC and don’t know how to start. For them coaching classes are necessary. Coaching classes follow a particular pattern which works for aspirants’ benefit. Coaching is necessary to make a habit of studying for so long and systematically. A successful coaching must have an expert and experienced coach and he should be expert in his field. An expert guide can take you to your desired destination and if the expert is not experienced he/she can misguide you and you can deviate from your aim. Coaching classes can be defined as the success for students but it’s not necessary for every aspirant. The one who knows the pattern of UPSC and has the confidence for cracking IAS exam, can get success without coaching also. Coaching means you get a coach who will guide you to your success if you really need, coaching is not a must to crack the IAS exam if you have the capability to crack it on your own.

How to find which coaching classes are best for the IAS exam?

This is the most important question for every aspirant who wants to crack the IAS exam. Coaching can be fruitful only if you can find genuine coaching because there are many coachings which are only working for money and they don’t have any interest in students’ success. So, if you are really searching for the best coaching, it’s necessary to know about past results and success of the coaching. A coaching class should be able to give the best knowledge and guidance for success. If a coaching has a structured and disciplined method of teaching, they can guide students for their preparation. Before choosing a coaching for the IAS exam, try to talk to previous students about the coaching’s pattern of teaching and success ratio. Without any enquiry you can make a wrong decision also. It’s really difficult to find genuine coaching but by genuine efforts we can definitely find the Best coaching for IAS exam.

Can anyone clear the exam without coaching?

Yes, anyone can clear the IAS exam without coaching if he/she has the potential to study seriously and knows the exact pattern of the IAS exam. Without knowing the pattern no one can clear IAS or any exam. In coaching classes they know the pattern and they update their syllabus regularly so that they can teach as per UPSC syllabus.

When should one join coaching for the IAS exam?

 If anyone is preparing for the IAS exam but totally unaware of the UPSC syllabus and  the latest pattern of IAS exam then he/she needs a coaching where they get the proper knowledge and strategy for the IAS exam. Aspirants need a lot of time for preparation, there are many students who do not have enough time for preparation at home, they should join coaching for better results.

Who doesn’t need to join coaching for the IAS exam?

 If anyone has knowledge about the UPSC exam pattern and he/she is confident about cracking the exam, they don’t need to join any coaching class. There are many students also who attempted previously for the IAS exam with the help of a coaching and now they know the syllabus and study pattern so they can attempt next time without joining any coaching.

So, if you are quite well in self-study and also  you have the required knowledge about UPSC Syllabus and exam pattern, then you can clear the IAS exam without coaching. It is not necessary to always get coachings. If any coaching is assuring 100% results, don’t believe them. Coaching can play only about 50% part for success and about 50% part depends on the aspirants mindset and knowledge. Always keep your knowledge up to date. If you have expert guidance, updated study material then coachings are not necessary for success, if any of the aspirants finds difficulty in self study, don’t hesitate to join a coaching to achieve your aim.  Before joining any coaching class, always search for all the purposes which lead you to success in the IAS exam.