What is an IT Service Provider and What Is Its Added Value?

An IT service provider delivers managed digital services and solutions to customers. These services include applications, network, infrastructure, security management, data management, and many other services and solutions. in addition, an IT service provider delivers consulting and advisory services. Through these services, managers can better understand what their business needs and procure the exact solutions that add value to their systems. Furthermore, an IIT service provider handles maintenance, support, and assistance services. For example, often IT service providers offer service desk functionalities where customers and employees can contact the end-user support agents and input inquiries or requests. IT service providers also have offerings for hardware, software, and cloud technology so businesses can obtain the necessary solutions. 

Why Procure the Services of an IT Service Provider?

IT service providers deliver a significant added advantage compared to what businesses generally require to manage IT systems and incidents. The solutions offered by the IT service provider are generally cheaper and more flexible, scalable, and better quality then in-house solutions. This is due to the fact that IT service providers hire professionals in the IT field as well as subject matter experts through an economy of scale, and with expertise in automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. As a result, businesses obtain better results with less resources. In addition, a reliable and trust-worthy IT service provider can offer companies multiple business advantages that can contribute to its growth. They deliver them with tools to enable them to stay on top of changing technologies and constantly deliver the same level of service and high quality. Reasons why companies hire IT service providers include:

  • Receiving a reliable, single point of contact
  • Avoiding downtime
  • Benefiting from the latest technology
  • Gaining access to subject matter experts
  • Gaining more time back the internal team
  • Receiving 24/7 assistance
  • Procuring cost efficiency
  • Scaling up or down easily when needed

The Added Value of an IT Service Provider

An IT service provider offers better security, access to industry expertise, higher flexibility and scalability, reduced costs, and more organization. IT service providers also provide variable billing models based on various methods. Variable billing models can offer customers a high level of flexibility and scalability. For example, a company that has made a large investment in hardware and software cannot easily cancel those investments during a recession. Similarly, layoffs can be very costly and can cause long-term damage if those employees find other jobs after the company has turned around. Furthermore, adding capacity during temporary business peaks can be difficult.  IT service providers can also invest in technology and expertise in ways that individual companies, especially small ones, cannot, resulting in increased efficiency and performance.  It can also help businesses fill the talent gap. Take a legacy system as an example. As older workers retire, young people become more and more reluctant to learn outdated languages ​​and skills. As a result, companies can hire state-of-the-art applications from managed service providers to drive adoption even if they don’t have the staff to leverage or implement these technologies.