The Day in the Life of Japanese Mangaka Creator

Do you have a knack for reading manga comics & have a hobby of creating illustrations? You have come to the right place if you’re considering a career as a manga artist. The world of manga is a creative place to be in, creating intriguing worlds & characters is so eccentric.

The Mangaka is one of the coolest jobs ever. The unimaginable amount of money & dedication that goes into this line of work is really prompting. No wonder why so many manga fans look up to these famous artists and immerse themselves in those pieces of writing & drawing.  

What is Mangaka?

‘Mangaka’ is originally a traditional word to represent a comic illustrator or a cartoonist. ‘Mangaka’ also comes from the word ‘manga’, which is the specific format or style of a manga or comic book. Manga is typically used to symbolize the comic book that has been published in serials & in multiple volumes.‘Manga’ is regarded as an inspiration for the idea of their upcoming comic books, films & web series. Manga comic books are published in a very peculiar way, they are supposed to be read from left to right.   

How to Pursue a Career in Mangaka?

Careers like Mangaka are way too creative for this generation. However, there are some courses offered to individuals looking forward to pursuing these professions. These comic artists can utilize these courses by gaining profuse skills in Sketches, Drawing & illustrations. While developing these skills from the ground, they need to work on their styles & storytelling. 

Every comic artist needs to have planning publishing & creative marketing strategies. The culture of Manga has been with us for many years. But the process of creating such content has been changing. Manga has been gaining more popularity in recent years, begetting huge franchises worth millions of dollars.  

Sources of Comics & Anime Series:

  • Amazon
  • Netflix
  • Crunchyroll 
  • Animix play 
  • Omgflix
  • CBR
  • Webcomics
  • Kissanime
  • Hidrive
  • Disney Plus+
  • Tubi  

Popular Names in the Mangaka Industry:

Kohei Horikoshi

Kohei is the one responsible for giving superhit comics like ‘My Hero Academia’. He rapidly gained a lot of attention because of his wide variety of unique character designs. Although a peculiar similarity of rounded designs makes his style of illustration familiar. Horikoshi has the ability to convey characters’ feelings & emotions by their emotions and is typically liked by major audiences. 

Being one of the creators of a popular shonen battle comic that has so many dramatic monologues. But his monologues don’t need many words to describe what happening inside his character’s head. 

Masashi Kishimoto 

Masashi is renownedly known for his teenage ninja tales, while Boruto & Naruto are one of them. Masashi opened up about his inspiration for how he initially started creating anime. He once revealed that when Dragon Ball Z first came out, Masashi was inspired to work on the anime Naruto. As per the writer Manga has always been a driving force in fulfilling all his dreams & aspirations. During his childhood, he often got bullied a lot.

In order to circumvent that feeling Masashi started writing about his personal manga where he portrayed Naruto as his hero. And portrayed his story from the perspective of the character Naruto.  

Akira Toriyama 

The name ‘Akira Toriyama’ was the man responsible for taking the culture of Manga & anime to greater heights. Most probably Akira’s manga were solely responsible for bringing the culture of manga into mainstream. However, becoming the first writer to bring this cultural framework to Western audiences. 


The manga community has been actively participating in many Japanese subcultures. Many times writers get an opportunity to express their beliefs on Japanese culture. They tend to make use of such opportunities by using graphic novels, manga, & anime series. The Anime community has already started showing their love for these subcultures by being part of these comic cons and cosplays.

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