Jignesh Barasara- A Great Business Entrepreneur

Jignesh Barasara is a well-known business entrepreneur who is the founder of an NGO named “Heed India” and founder and CEO of Alpha MD. He is the youngest business entrepreneur and is famous for his pro-business tips which can change the course of your business and lives. 

As explained by him, the key to a successful business entrepreneurship is picking your specialized field, developing a strategy that you will use to shape your organization and studying about your target audience. It is important to learn that your attitude towards learning new skills with a calm mind does the trick.

Business entrepreneurship as defined by Jignesh Barasara has a pretty clear definition that says if you can recognise the need of the hour and fill the gap of what’s needed, you are an entrepreneur.

 It is important that you take calculated risk, learn from your failures, learn from whenever and wherever you can, ask for help and grow into a successful business entrepreneur. When it comes to business entrepreneurship, there is no perfect formula. It varies with an individual’s mind-set to start and grow his business. It’s important to learn in depth about the ideas, before you implement it. It’s important to invest more hours in understanding what’s important for your customers and what’s ruling the market. 

How to be a great leader:-

As per Jignesh Barasara, a great leader should practice the following:-

  • Eliminate all your distractions
  • Stick to simplicity
  • Great leadership comes with greater responsibilities.
  • Products and customers always come first.
  • Be flexible enough to switch your business as per the market requirements.
  • Be patient enough to crack the key in your business.
  • Follow a common sense approach that every age group can follow.

There is a famous saying about business in Silicon valley, that says if you are unable to explain your business in a simplified way, then it’s a waste. The idea is to understand that business is not always complicating things. If you watch and closely observe the life of any successful leader, you will see that consistency is a must and when followed religiously, 

it can help you scale great heights. Alike any other human beings, successful leaders also fail, but they do not let disappointment rule them. With the right attitude and positive thinking, they always overcome their failures.

Stay motivated:-

In a country like India, where thousands startups rise and die on any given day, starting a setup can be both tough and stressful. Jignesh Barasara Entrepreneur ideology of staying motivated is based on the following:-

  • Allow yourself time to recognise and understand the kind of stress you are experiencing.
  • Get recharged by finding someone whose energy and vibes can stir the motivation in you.
  • Include both your baby steps and your giant leap in your progress calculation.

There is no outside source of real and permanent motivation. It is the combination of your own body, mind and your daily routine that determines if your motivation will last for days or decades. Working on your eating habits, lifestyle and recognising what and where is blocking the permanent stay of your motivation is a must. 

It’s very important to have your body and mind in sync to execute the amazing to achieve your goals. You should know where to limit your physical activity and use your brain and vice versa. Learn to understand that neither you can stay excited forever, nor you can stay depressed forever, but you can stay motivated if you understand the key factors. Keep things simplified both in your business and your life.