Even the highest-end vehicles are not prone to the agony of a hot interior under the appropriate circumstances. If it’s a raining fire outside, it’s never a nice feeling to enter a car that has been parked in the heat for hours. We’re talking about things that are hot to touch uncomfortably, like scalding seat buckles, hot leather seats, a dashboard, steering wheel, and gear shift. Companies like CarMonkey, which also provide the best used cars in Tamilnadu, seem to know their way around in protecting you from such agonizing incidents. Here are a few tips to keep your car safe and relaxed throughout the scorching heat of southern India.  

Use Sunshades/Window Visors

The first piece of advice in our summer guide on making cars comfortable is implementing the conventional way of using sunshades. There is a minor expense of sunshades and windows, and they are readily accessible in all auto accessories stores. Whenever you park your car under the heat, we suggest you put on a sunshade or window screen, even if it is for just a few minutes. This prevents the greenhouse effect from developing, which ensures that your car’s interior is pleasant.

Use a Dashboard Cover

The second piece of advice to keep your car’s interior cold during the summer will help you from heating the dashboard through a dashboard cover. To explain its importance in a gist, once your vehicle has been parked under the sun for a bit, you won’t have an incredible feeling every time you touch your car dashboard. These coverings can also safeguard the plastic dashboard from colour or texture loss because of the high temperature. 

Parking in Shade

The most straightforward advice in this series is how to keep your car interior cool throughout the heat. Also, parking your car under a shade is the perfect way to avoid heat. This keeps the inside cool. While this is quite a simple thing, many of us forget it and park at our first location. But we suggest that you spend a couple of minutes looking for parking in the shade. You should even cover your interior with a soft cotton bedsheet if you don’t find any shade.  

Keep Windows Slightly Open

Even the best-used cars provided by some of the eminent car suppliers in India suggest this idea. We have another quick guide about how to keep our car cool in the heat. Slightly open the windows. Let’s get back to the fundamental concept of physics, and hot air rises due to its lower density. Thus, it’s best to keep the windows open for some time while the heat escapes from the confines of your car cabin. However, make sure the windows are not cracked enough to allow the wrong person to slip his hand inside for the wagon to open it. Cracking the window slightly regulates airflow, making the airflow efficient in keeping the vehicle in great condition.

Tint your car windows

Window tints tend to keep the car parked cool. Greater tints are made to let much light into the tinted window block thermal rays from the sun. Sometimes referred to as the high heat rejection rate is the principle that encapsulates such phenomena. Superior quality of tints also blocks out the harmful UV rays keeping the drivers and the car’s interiors comfortable. In addition to the protective feature, it also provides a classic finish to the windows and the whole exterior frame of one’s vehicle.

Solar-powered ventilation fan

The next tip in our car protection kit is to try a solar ventilator that many are not aware of. The fan sits outside one of your rolled-up windows and is powered by an external solar panel. The fan blasts the warm air out of the vehicle and pulls in comparatively cool air. The cross ventilation circulation should then be increased by two fans installed in the two front and rear windows, and the temperature should be further reduced. Such innovative car accessories that are higher-powered, more efficient models with a more extensive solar panel on the dashboard and powering the fans can always be of huge relief for drivers and fellow companions.