October 2, 2022

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Best Ways to Keep Your Steel Building Cool During All Summer

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cool steel building

When we think of metal, we usually think of a heat-conducting material. You can, however, prevent heat from permeating your metal structure in a variety of ways. Cool metal roofs, insulation, reflective coatings, window and door treatments, and ventilation to allow for better airflow are some of the solutions. Here are a few ideas for keeping steel buildings cool during the summer.

Cool Metal Roofing

Starting at the very top – your roof – is one of the best ways to stay cool during the unbearable heat of summer. If you own a steel structure, you should consider installing a cool metal roofing system. A painted or coated metal product that effectively reflects the sun’s energy to dissipate the heat is known as cool metal roofing. It can not only keep the temperature down, but it can also save you up to 20% on cooling costs.

Install Upgraded Insulation

When it comes to steel buildings, proper insulation is essential for staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If you own an older building with insufficient insulation, you should consider upgrading the insulation on your roof and walls to the R-value recommended by your local energy efficiency codes.

Use Intelligent Landscaping

Smart landscape can significantly help cool your steel buildings throughout the day. You can grow trees and bushes to shade the walls and windows facing south and west of you, significantly cool the surface of your building. Trees protect the roof from hot summer heat. You can also plant vines and bushes to keep the walls cool. Make sure you leave the distance between structure and plants to minimize the accumulation of moisture if humidity is a problem.

Mulch is another useful solution to keep the soil cold because it minimizes heat absorption. Not to mention the very good water saving ability.

Change your steel structure for cross ventilation

Steel barns, Metal workshops, garages, and other special steel buildings can have many windows and doors for cross ventilation. Consider installing a pair of windows on the different side of the structure if you want to buy a steel building kit or already have one built. For larger air movements, consider installing a second garage door, such as the walk-in door or roll-up. This will not only increase ventilation but will also improve the air quality of your building.

Choose a lighter roof color

Just like wearing a light-colored t-shirt in the summer, the lighter colors on the roof of your building will help reflect heat than to absorb it like a darker color. Special colors are applied during the manufacturing process, but you can apply different colors after installation.

Add cool storage

The cold storage unit produces ice at night, which is then used to cool the structure during the day. This is achieved by the strategic use of radiator placed in all facilities.

This is a low energy method to cool your building. However, if you don’t have it, it will take time to install. If you choose this route, start the installation procedure as soon as possible so that it can run to the temperature regarding the combustion threshold.

Add a cool layer

Did you know that only applying a brighter and brighter color to your metal building will make your interior cooler? Dark colors attract sunlight and heat, so avoid this will significantly increase your energy bill! Get carports also offers special coatings to improve the efficiency of your building.

Heating and ventilation (HVAC)

Warming and ventilation may be clearly visible, but the installation and proper care should not be taken lightly.

A specialist will design a system to optimize the flow of air throughout the building so that every corner of the place gets the same and regular feed from the reconditioned warm or cold air. The filter must be cleaned or changed regularly and the temperature regulates the thermostat is checked and, if necessary, recalibrated.

Poor maintenance should not cause the system against itself, thereby reducing its efficiency. This is also a good idea to instill a culture among staff that HVAC should not be damaged. For example, ventilation attached will not only create inefficiency but will cause some people to get increased or reduced ventilation feed.

Close your structure

Consider your ideal heat resistant structure as thermostat. Because the thermostat is tightly closed, your building must also be sealed. To keep the hot air from penetrating your steel structure, it must be sealed correctly. This significantly increases the energy efficiency of your building, and your air conditioning system does not have to operate that hard.

Metal, fortunately, less permeable than other types of construction materials; Therefore, they must be sealed safely to avoid loss of energy.

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