What is PADI Diving all about?

If you’re new to diving and interested to learn about PADI Diving, this article will serve as a good guide. First of all, what does PADI mean? The acronym stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors which is noted for its solid and remarkable training standards. Divers who sign up for PADI courses get the best scuba training available. One of the best things about earning a PADI certification is the assurance that it is recognized wherever you go.

It is estimated that more than 60% of divers across the globe are certified by PADI and over 70% of scuba divers worldwide are PADI instructors. This global divers association has issued an estimated 28 million certifications to scuba divers in different parts of the world.  

PADI’s 4 E’s Philosophy

What is PADI Diving all about?


PADI believes that there is more to just learning how to scuba dive. They offer a full range of diver courses to educate and train divers. The association also promotes continued education to enhance knowledge and skills and even help divers who want to make diving a career. 


Our PADI-affiliated dive center offers local dive tours to amazing dive sites. If you’re planning to visit Dubai soon, check out our diving trips and scuba diving Dubai prices. We welcome new and experienced divers as we share the priceless pleasures of exploring the underwater world. 


Proper scuba gear plays an important role in diving. Our dive center provides quality scuba equipment that you need to make your diving experience fun and safe. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry because our dive instructors will teach you how to use scuba equipment. If you’re a passionate diver and looking to purchase your own gear, our dive shop carries quality dive clothing and equipment. 

Environmental Conservation

Our profound love for the ocean inspires us to share the joy of diving. We believe in sustainable diving and advocate for protecting the marine environment. Our PADI courses instill the importance of taking care of fragile aquatic ecosystems. We also encourage our divers to take part in local as well as global conservation efforts such as dive clean-up activities. 

How to be a PADI-certified diver?

What is PADI Diving all about?

Our diver training is divided into two parts: 

1. E-Learning 

You will be given log-in credentials to access the specific dive course materials such as reading materials, videos, audios, and other interactive presentations. This kind of learning method allows you to learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. You can also save time especially if you’re on vacation. You can do the learning at home and focus on the in-water training when you arrive at the dive center. 

2. In-water training 

Our PADI-certified instructors will guide you every step of the way to make your underwater experience fun and safe. For beginners, taking your first breath underwater might feel surreal. We will help you adjust to the feeling of being weightless and breathing underwater. We will practice in shallow water and then move slowly to deeper water. Once you feel more confident in the water, that’s when the magic kicks in. Enjoy the beauty of the marine environment! 

Upon completion of the course, you will receive your PADI certification. You’ll be qualified to dive with a buddy to a certain depth depending on your level. Happy diving!