Beauty, Reimagined: How the Best Ladies’ Beauty Parlours in Kolkata are Embracing Modernity to Stay Ahead of the Curve

If you own a successful ladies’ beauty parlour in Kolkata, your job is more than cutting hair, giving facials, or managing your staff and inventory. Your beauty parlour should be up-to-date on the latest trends dominating the beauty service industry. Unless you have a modernized beauty parlour, you will struggle to attract new customers and keep your regulars coming back for more. 

We have assessed the most popular modernization efforts that the best beauty parlours at Kolkata have undertaken. If you wish to maintain a good image of your ladies’ beauty parlour in Kolkata and create an endless inflow of customers, apply these efforts.  

#1. Beauty on Wheels 

The best beauty salon at Kolkata is in your next customer’s living room. What we mean by this is that new-age beauty salon customers love getting their facial/nails done from the luxury and comfort of their homes. These customers hate travelling, and beauty salon owners must accommodate their services to suit this preference of many new-age consumers.

This love for at-home beauty services exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the lockdown era, some of the best makeup artists in Kolkata travelled to customer homes to perform their services. In the past 2-years, the lockdowns have gone away, but at-home beauty services have remained extremely popular among customers.

Hence, savvy beauty salon owners have set up mobile salons. Mobile salons are specialized beauty/grooming services that bring salon services directly to the home, workplace, or any other preferred location. Beauty salon pros typically bring the following items to their customers’ locations to give customers flawless “mobile salon” experiences.

Mobile Salon ItemHow to Deliver the Mobile Salon Experience
Hairdressing ToolsBeauty salon workers bring scissors, combs, brushes, hair-dryers, flat-irons, curling-irons, hairsprays, and other products to their customers’ chosen locations. These tools help them deliver 360-degree, at-home hair care solutions.
Nail Care ToolsMakeup artists carry extended sets of nail polish, nail files, acetone, polish removers, etc., to ensure they can deliver on-demand nail treatments.
Hair Styling ProductsShampoos, conditioners, hair gels, hair serums, hairsprays, and other hair styling products are your best friends when it comes to helping customers achieve the hairstyles of their dreams. By carrying these hairstyling products, beauty salon workers can give their customers super-straight locks, voluminous curls, or anything in-between. 
Disposable Towels & ApronsThese items help prevent the spread of germs/bacteria, which is especially important when you’re working with multiple clients in a single day.
Portable LightingMobile salon professionals use portable lighting to have consistent and adequate illumination, no matter where they’re working. It allows them to see the finer details and perform intricate tasks (like matching makeup colors) effectively.
Storage ItemsMobile salon professionals use sturdy tool-cases and bags to safelytransport their styling tools. These cases/bags have multiple compartments, protective padding, and are lockable (for security).

By making their workers carry these items and visit their customers’ preferred locations, a ladies’ beauty parlour in Kolkata can:

  • Serve senior citizens who find it difficult to go out and physically visit salons. 
  • Provide bulk services in wedding venues, nursing homes, college festivals, and other locations where many people need on-demand beautification. 
  • Take all the precautions and preventive measures customers want from their beauty salons in the post-pandemic era.

These are the reasons the best beauty salons at Kolkata offer “beauty on wheels,” i.e., mobile salon experiences. If you want to follow a similar pattern:

  • Ask your beauty salon professionals to take up mobile service bookings (in addition to regular on-site service bookings)
  • Map out the timings; clarify on what days your salon will offer mobile services.
  • Keep the mobile services cost-competitive at the start for acquiring a strong mobile client base. 

#2. Social Salons 

In this day-and-age of “beauty on wheels,” if a customer wants to physically visit your salon, you better make this experience unforgettable! That’s the idea behind “social salons,” delivering quality time to customers as they beautify themselves. To keep up with this trend:

  • Make your salon’s interior décor aesthetically pleasing so that customers take pictures and share them online (free marketing for your salon).
  • Install a stereo system to play music for customers.
  • Take pictures of your salon’s interiors and show them off on social media to market your brand. 

#3. Digitalization 

Does your salon offer online appointment scheduling? Does it track customer data to deliver personalized beauty experiences? Does it send automated reminders to customers before their appointments? If your salon is not offering these digital amenities to customers, it is being out-competed by the salons that have embraced digitalization.

Digitalization will play a vital role in the beauty industry this decade. That’s why at Venus Ladies’ Beauty Parlour, we’re doing our best to give our customers digitized experiences. Customers no longer need to call or physically visit our ladies’ beauty parlour in Kolkata to book or cancel appointments. They can do it all via our website! 

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