Technologies That Need to be Learn as a MERN Stack Developer

On this website, everyone should be able to master web development fundamentals. It is one of the most popular web development frameworks available today. It comprises the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, and NodeJS). This page lists resources to assist you in your quest to become a MERN stack developer. MERN Stack Online Training is the right way to become a MERN stack developer. 


For starters, it was liberating to develop enormous projects to the point that you couldn’t keep up with the challenges and potential complications that arose during the construction process. TypeScript is now available! You’ve probably heard a lot of good things about TypeScript’s ability to deal with this problem. TypeScript is, therefore, no longer a concern for you as a result of this experience.


A large number of individuals are looking forward to this one. You might be asking what exactly is react-query and how does it work. An NPM package that can be used to retrieve data from an API asynchronously is provided by this package. That’s the best I can come up with to explain what’s going on. Redux with Axios, on the other hand, doesn’t accomplish the same thing. Even if it’s true, react-query has auto-caching and garbage collection capabilities! This is an excellent method to enhance your development experience and overall performance.

Tailwind CSS  

Your previous efforts have relied on Bootstrap, Materialize CSS, and Bulma to reach your objectives. On the other hand, Tailwind CSS continues to intrigue my curiosity. Some of the most beautiful websites on the internet have been created with it, and you’ve most likely only heard positive things about it. Although you are aware of the distinctions between it and other CSS frameworks, part of the appeal is different.


Fantastic things are about to happen next! You experimented with it for a short period around the year 2021 and now see no reason why you shouldn’t continue to use it in your initiatives in the future. The learning curve for React developers is relatively flat compared to other programming languages. However, it’s well worth learning about because of the numerous benefits it provides, such as server-side rendering and automated picture optimization. It is an absolute must-have in the library of any React developer. 


GraphQL, an API query language, can get data from a database. That it can do precisely what you ask it to do and that it can obtain a large number of resources from the API server in a single request, saving you time and improving performance, makes it unique. As a developer, you’ve only worked with RESTful APIs up to this point, and you’re excited to learn how GraphQL will benefit your future projects. 


You have been interested in learning more about PostgreSQL or even just SQL databases for quite some time. MongoDB has been the backbone of all of my previous projects. Although SQL databases are also widely used and can be a preferred alternative in some situations, NoSQL databases provide a great deal of flexibility. This year, you’re going to put a lot of effort into developing your SQL and SQL database abilities.


Code written in Node.js, React/Angular/Vue, TypeScript, and JavaScript can be tested using the Jest testing framework. Testing is not something I enjoy now, but it is one of those abilities that may distinguish one coder from another, especially when working on large projects. You haven’t looked at Jest any further, but it seems to attempt to do what you want based on my little investigation.

Advanced JavaScript 

Several advanced JavaScript concepts include the V8 Engine, closures, hoisting, the event loop, threading, binding, and many more. Because the MERN stack is fully JavaScript-based, becoming familiar with the programming language makes sense. When learning JS for the first time, beginners have a tendency to miss the issues listed above, which is quite understandable. It’s preferable to start with the fundamentals of JavaScript to grasp these concepts.

React Native

There’s no doubting that websites can be pretty beneficial. Because of application development’s convenience, it is a valuable talent to have on your resume. According to you, having a mobile application on top of the website will encourage more people to participate in my projects. As someone already familiar with React, React Native is the ideal choice. Flutter is a computer language that is similar to the Dart programming language.