The 3 best lightweight scooters for everyday use to feel you active

In these times when it is urgent to adopt sustainable mobility measures, the electric scooter is gaining much popularity among those of us who move around the city.

A Cheap Electric Scooter UK for daily transport has to be light and easy to transport and store; you’re going to spend a lot of time with it, and you need it to fit perfectly into your rhythms of life 

Electric scooter are a low-intensity training course that requires no physical fatigue, which may incorporate other activities. This is advantageous for both senior individuals and those who may have health concerns that prevent them from practising.

An electric scooter does not burn calories when you drive in normal mode, but you will spend a notable number of calories when you utilise your ‘push off leg’ in order to run a scooter. The average ride time for a 30 minute trip on scooters is estimated to be 200 kcal.Today we want to talk to you about everything you need to take into account to choose an adult electric scooter that is practical and comfortable for every day .

Take good care of your electric scooter because it will be your daily transport.

Choose your next electric scooter according to the use you will give it

When traveling around the city, your scooter cannot travel faster than 25 km / h; on the other hand, in the field there are no restrictions.

You must also take into account the type of surface of the roads or streets where you are going to circulate . For rural roads with an uneven road, and generally unpaved, the ideal is an offroad electric scooter; you can move freely, even on a bumpy road.

On the other hand, for your trips around the city, it is enough to choose a simple model, with normal wheels and a range of about 30 kilometers.

3 important details that you should take into account when choosing your electric scooter

It is normal that you are looking for an electric scooter that you like; you’re going to carry it with you every day, and it should reflect a bit of your personality. The same thing happens with these small personal mobility vehicles as with cars, not all of them like them and not all of them go with you.

However, when choosing it you must take into account a series of characteristics that, beyond the aesthetics of the scooter, have to do with your physical appearance. Let’s see what they are in detail.


There are electric scooters that are designed for people under the age of 14; check the specifications well to buy an adult electric scooter; Otherwise, it will not be useful as a unit transport because it will have many limitations for you.

And do not think that because you are not very tall and very thin, you will not find an adult electric scooter adapted to your physique, because there are.


In an electric scooter, the maximum weight that it can support is a very important factor to take into account; In the manufacturer’s specifications you can confirm if the model that catches your attention supports your weight.

Most electric scooters for adults are capable of holding up to 100 kilos ; there are many that are designed for a maximum load of 120 kilos, and more and more models are found that support loads of 140 kilos of weight and more.


For tall people it is very important and necessary that the electric scooter has a height-adjustable handlebar . It is the only way to keep your back straight and your arms comfortable while riding the scooter.

How to store the scooter at work

When you are working it is very important that you choose well where you are going to store your scooter, to protect it and so that it does not disturb other people.

Most large companies have set up a scooter parking area , something very necessary for the growing number of users of these small vehicles. Of course, try not to give it direct sunlight because it can damage the battery.

If you have a folding electric scooter, it will be easier to find a good location for it. You can choose a corner with little traffic of people ; and if it is not very bulky and you have a closet to store your things, it will be the perfect place.

You work in an office? You can store your Electric Scooter UK under your desk ; that yes, try not to reduce too much the space of your feet. You can always resort to putting your scooter on a small elevated bench that coexists without problem with your feet.

In any case, avoid that the wheels are pressed against the ground or another surface because they could deform..

In summary, when storing your electric scooter you must take into account that you do not put any of your co-workers at risk, including yourself. And you also have to think about the scooter itself; Look for places where you can store it that will not damage it.