List Of Different Types Of Memory Chips You Must Know

A memory chip is a little PC gadget that is utilized to run data, information, or a program that is run on a PC or other electronic gadget that runs like a PC, for example, a camera or computer game reassure. Make sure you do not miss to check out what is the meaning of a memory chip to know more about it. There is a wide range of kinds of memory chips, albeit some are more generally utilized than others.

Memory chips

  • The quantity of address pins is identified with the number of memory areas.
  • Common sizes today range from 1K to 256M areas.
  • Therefore, address pins exist somewhere in the range of 10 and 28.
  • Data pins are typically bi-directional in read-compose recollections.
  • The quantity of information pins is identified with the size of the memory area.
  • For instance, an 8-cycle wide (byte-wide) memory gadget comprises 8 information pins.
  • The inventory list of 1K X 8 demonstrates a byte address 8K memory.
  • Each memory gadget has, at any rate, one chip select (CS) or chip empower (CE) or select (S) pin that empowers the memory gadget.
  • It empowers perusing and/or composing.
  • If more than one exists, all should be 0 to peruse or compose.

Memory Chips

  • Each memory gadget has, at any rate, one control pin.
  • For ROMs, a yield empowers (OE) or door (G) exists.
  • The OF OE pin empowers and cripples a bunch of tristate cradles.
  • For RAMs, a read-compose (R/W) or compose empower (WE) and read empower (OE) exist.
  • Non-unstable memory: keeps up its position when shut down.
  • There are numerous structures:
  • Rome: Factory modified, can’t be changed. Old Style.
  •  PROM: Programmable read-just memory.
  • Field programmable yet just a single time. Old Style.
  • EPROM: erasable programmable read-just memory.
  • High reconstructing requires extreme focus UV light openness for as long as 20 minutes.
  • Flash EEPROM: Electrically erasable programmable ROM.
  • It is additionally called EAROM (electrically factor ROM) and NOVRAM (NOn-Volatile RAM).
  • Sl composing is much slower than an ordinary RAM.
  • Used to store arrangement data, for example, Video cards on the PC framework.
  • Memory can be utilized to change the EPROM for BIOS memory.


Dynamic arbitrary access memory chip or DRAM chips is a memory cell that requirements reviving on the grounds that it moves just one line of memory. A DRAM chip comprises a few little capacitors each containing a memory bit. Measure chips don’t change and should be invigorated to keep the chips from losing material. Measure chips are generally alluded to as unstable memory chips since they lose their memory when force is lost. Measure chips are utilized in certain PCs that accompany a ceaseless force supply.


SRAM chips are static arbitrary access memory chips. SRAM chips are non-unpredictable memory chips and don’t need reviving or the ability to hold memory. SRAM chips are generally basic inconvenient battery-controlled gadgets like PCs, cameras, PDAs, and computer game consoles.


FIFO memory chips or earliest in, earliest out memory chips are utilized in applications that are utilized between various gadgets. The gadgets work at various places, so FIFO memory chips are important to support the memory between the two gadgets. Blaze or hop drives used to move memory between various PCs and PCs use FIFO memory chips.


EPROM chips are erasably programmable perused just memory. These kinds of memory chips can be eradicated when they are presented to bright light. When deleted, ERPOM chips can be continued to incorporate another arrangement of information or reused for an alternate program. A variety of this sort of memory chip is the EEPROM chip which can be electronically deleted rather than UV light.


PROM chips are programmable perused just memory chips that are unique in relation to other programmable read-just memory chips since they must be composed once. PROM chips can’t be UV-lit or electronically eradicated.

Final Thoughts

There are different sorts of memory chips accessible, and a PC master can control you in picking the most fitting memory chip for the applications you utilize. Make sure to consider contrasts in the sorts of memory chips, including supply voltage, process duration, power time, backup power, and the measure of memory on the chips.