Little Prince Two

The Little Prince two has finally arrived. The title “Untold Stories of the Little Prince” finally reveals what happened to our beloved boy after the snake bit him. 

What happened to the Little Prince?

As many of you know, the Little Prince chose to allow the snake to bite him so he could depart from his body and travel home. The body was just too heavy for such a long trip and he had to leave it behind. Many people consider it for a suicide. However, Nikola Misovic, the author of the only direct sequel to the Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s original never agreed with the formal interpretations. He has a different point of view on the question: Did Little Prince kill himself?

Did the Little Prince Commit Suicide?

Briefly, Nikola Misovic says no. Nowhere in the book is mentioned that the Little Prince intends to die. Not even the snake mentions death when approaching the Little Prince for the first time. The snake says it is going to help him get back to his star if the boy was to suffer too much. Our world is way too harsh for someone so gentle and fragile as is the Little Prince. And his decision to allow the snake to help him can’t be taken as the suicide. What the boy wants is to go home and reunite with his beloved flower. Departing with the body is simply a sacrifice he is willing to take to achieve his greater cause – be with the one he loves. The snakes poison is only an instrument. 

And according to the definition of the suicide, the goals of taken actions must be self-destruction. The Little Prince doesn’t want to harm himself in any way. He actually wants to help himself. It is why his acts can’t really be considered as suicide. This kind of thinking induced Nikola Misovic to write the Little Prince sequel. 

How the First and Only Direct Sequel to the Little Prince Came to be?

Nikola Misovic was always obsessed with the ending of the Little Prince. It was his first book. He got it as a present from his father as a four-year-old. The father was the one to read it to him first. From the moment he learned to read by himself Nikola claims to have read the book around 50 times. And the ending was what made him think, what really happened?

The Little Prince was supposed to depart from his body. The plans was to leave an empty shell behind and go back home. But when the pilot woke up there was no trace of the boy’s body. Deep down Nikola believed that Antoine de Saint-Exupery purposely made the body disappear. He wanted to make space for the story to continue. And so it was why Nikola decided to start the trilogy of a great closure – Untold Stories of the Little Prince. 

The first part is the one that reveals what happened to the Little Prince. According to Nikola, the snake poison didn’t manage to kill him. The boy woke up in the middle of the night and wondered deep into the desert. Eventually, he stumbled upon a hidden forest where his adventures continued. Along the way, he meets creatures who are struggling on their own journeys: a turtle racing with a hare, a desperate hedgehog crying because nobody can hug him, a grasshopper who believes his destiny is to grow wings, a wise buffalo, a withering flower growing from a crack in a rock and dreaming of floating in a lake… 

What is the Little Prince Two About?

The Little Prince two is all about love and self-acceptance. The boy meets dozens of animals who are fighting to achieve what they deem important. For turtle, it is to win the race against hare. For beavers, it is to preserve their dams and homes from attacks of bears, and so on… All of the forest creatures are different by their natures. And every natures carries both advantages and disadvantages. In order to be happy, we must learn to accept and love who we are. The stories allow us to look at the life from different perspectives and understand that every life is featured by its own perception. All of us have something we deem important and worth fighting and dying for. But our her still has the same goal as in the original. The Little Prince continues his journey into the forest to find the animal that will help him get bac home. At first he believes that wolves and bears are going to help him but as the stories unfold it turns out that things aren’t as simple as they seemed at first…

What do Readers Say?

Most of the readers are thrilled. And all of those readers were attracted by the title. It means that all of them read the original. And when someone who read the original written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery is thrilled with the sequel it means the book provides some very high standards.  

Are There More Sequels to the Little Prince?

Besides the Untold Stories of the Little Prince trilogy there are multiple sequels to the Little Prince. However, non of those sequels are direct. And all of them are written in a way that Little Prince returns as a grown-up. While we greet their creativity and love towards the Little prince, the Untold Stories of the Little Prince is far superior when compared to the rest. 

Is There Anything Different with the Little Prince?

What is new about our beloved boy is the appearance of the fears, doubts and extreme urge to question the nature. The Little Prince starts fearing if his flower well. Or if the rose is alive at all. And new animals fill his head with ideas very different than those he gathered during his previous journeys. The encounter with the wolf is what brings the whole new quarrel into the Little Prince’s head.

We are all familiar with the Antoine’s famous quote said by the fox. 

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

In the sequel, Nikola Misovic provided us with a little different opinion that is told by a wolf.

 “The heart is blind. One can see rightly only with time. What is essential stays invisible in the present moment. Time reveals everything to both eyes and heart.”

This triggered a lot of debate about the quotes. Which one  of these two is correct? Both of them are. In the original Little Prince the fox thought the boy a lesson about the blindness of the eyes. But it the Untold Stories of the Little Prince the wolf explained to the boy that heart can be blind as well. After the debate it was concluded that these quotes don’t tend to mutually exclude one another. As the matter of facts, these quotes concatenate. This is because nowhere in the original book that the fox says that a heart can’t be blind or tricked. The wolf only pushes the boy into a deeper thinking. It is when the Little Prince starts question everything, including his relationship with the rose. But you will need to read the book in order to find out everything.