Oil Rig Life – What’s It Like Living On An Offshore Oil Platform?


  • There are over 1,470 Offshore Living Quarters Manufacturers in operation throughout the world, so this position might take you anywhere from the United Kingdom to Australia, as well as the Gulf of Mexico and the Middle East.
  • A rig can have up to 200 people living and working on it at any given time.
  • Inside, you’ll rarely locate a window.
  • Thank goodness we aren’t in the 1970s — Engineers could only make one phone call each week before onboard wifi, and even that was limited to six minutes.

To work on an oil rig, what kind of job-related training will I need?

This isn’t your typical “stuck in rush hour” commute; you’ll be transported from the coast to the rig by helicopter, which may be an exciting experience in and of itself. Prior to this flight, offshore engineers receive comprehensive marine survival training. See for yourself by watching a video of an offshore engineer commuting to an oil rig.

Combustible materials and hefty machinery abound on oil rigs. As an offshore worker, you will receive extensive training to guarantee that you are following best practises at all times.

You will also be subjected to a medical assessment before beginning your offshore career to ensure that you are fit to work on a rig. There are first responders and medical personnel on board, as well as helicopters on standby in case of an emergency medical evacuation to the coast.

How many hours will I work on an oil rig?

Because activities run around the clock with no rig “downtime,” the typical working shift is 12 hours “on” and 12 hours “off,” and many shift patterns are a combination of day and night. Many offshore professions require shift patterns of two or three weeks on the rig followed by two or three weeks onshore, however work patterns might be longer.

What will my offshore accommodation be like?

A professional team of kitchen employees works 24 hours a day, seven days a week on offshore installations. A self-service canteen is frequently used. Fresh food is constantly delivered in, so you’ll have lots of fresh meat, fruit, and vegetables despite the offshore location.

Although some oil rigs do offer individual rooms, oil rigs are close-knit communities, so you may expect to share your accommodation with several other engineers. Showers and toilets are shared between a few cabins, but most bedrooms have a sink and a television.

How will I stay in touch with my family if I have a job overseas?

The mobile phone signal isn’t very reliable out at sea! Larger oil rigs, on the other hand, will have internet connections, allowing for continuous communication with loved ones back home via Skype and other messaging services, assuring you’ll be there to assist celebrate major occasions from afar. We’ve looked at a few great apps that can help you stay in touch with loved ones while on assignment.

Life is never boring on an oil rig

Whether you’re in drilling, the roustabout crew, or a derrickhand, all offshore rigs have good recreational amenities to keep on-board workers entertained when they’re not on shift. You won’t be bored with anything from small movie theatres to pool tables to air hockey, large screen TVs, and video game consoles! Of course, there’s Wi-Fi so you can watch your own shows, but living in such close quarters means you’ll quickly become part of the team.

Keeping an oil rig operating for 24 hours a day necessitates that offshore staff be at their best at all times; non-prescription medications are often prohibited.

What salary and benefits can I expect offshore?

Offshore jobs pay significantly depending on your experience and role, but rig engineers can expect to be well compensated due to a mix of specialised skills necessary, hazards connected with working on a rig, and personal sacrifices made in terms of working hours and time away from family.

Our oil and gas clients like how we treat our contractors as individuals and take care of all assignment support needs, such as arranging contractor travel and work licences, giving you peace of mind that you’ll be taken care of when working with us.