When Should You Start Planning Your Move with Long Distance Movers in Brandon, FL?

Making the decision to relocate can be an exciting yet stressful time. While you may be eager to start the next chapter in a new city, the logistics of moving can quickly get overwhelming.

One of the most important factors to consider is determining when you should book your long-distance movers in Brandon, FL, to ensure your move goes smoothly.

Hiring a moving company too late can increase costs and limit availability, but booking too early also has disadvantages. Follow this guide to understand the ideal timeframe for reserving reputable Moving Companies in Brandon, Fl, like Bayflower Moving Group, to handle your interstate move.

Factor #1: Give Yourself Enough Time to Research Movers Thoroughly

The worst thing you can do is wait until the last minute to find cross-country movers in Brandon. Rushing this decision means you won’t be able to properly vet moving companies to find the best fit.

You’ll want to take time to:

  • Get estimates from multiple moving companies in Brandon, FL
  • Read reviews to gauge the quality of service and professionalism
  • Ask for references to speak with past customers
  • Verify they have licenses and insurance for long-distance moves
  • Make sure they provide binding estimates so quotes don’t change

Thoroughly researching movers takes time. Start looking at Long-distance movers in Brandon, FL, about two months before your move date to give yourself enough time.

Factor #2: Book Early for the Best Availability

Once you’ve selected reputable Moving Companies near Brandon, like Bayflower Moving Group, call them to check availability.

During peak moving seasons, moving companies have a tendency to book up quickly:

  • Spring – March to May
  • Summer – May to August
  • Fall – August to November

If your plans align with the above months, contact movers 3-4 months in advance. Holidays like Memorial Day and July 4th also get booked up.

Booking early ensures your preferred moving company will be available on your ideal move dates. You also lock in their current prices rather than risk increases as the season progresses.

Factor #3: Consider Timing Limitations with Your Original & Destination Homes

Your moving timeline also depends on limitations with your old and new homes.

For example, if you need to be out of your current house by a certain date, adjust your moving plans backward from there. Or if your new home won’t be available to move into until a later date, you may have to delay booking movers.

Discuss timing requirements for moving out and moving in with your real estate agents. This will help determine the latest you can book long-distance movers in Brandon to make sure your bases are covered.

Factor #4: Schedule Flexibility Maximizes Cost & Efficiency

One key factor that helps keep moving costs down is flexible timing.

Movers have more availability on weekdays versus weekends, so opting for a midweek move can significantly reduce costs. Just taking a day off work could save you hundreds.

Also, consider how far in advance you’re booking. Last-minute schedules limit efficiency since movers squeeze you in between other jobs. This results in higher rates.

If possible, build in some flexibility with your long-distance movers’ schedule to maximize value and convenience. Just make sure your timeline also accounts for factors #1-3.

Factor #5: Handle Logistics for Packing and unpacking

You’ll need to decide how involved you want to be in the packing and unpacking process. Some options to consider:

  • Full packing/unpacking service – movers handle everything
  • Partial packing – you pack some items, and movers do the rest
  • Just loading/unloading – you handle all packing/unpacking

Give yourself time to sort possessions and acquire packing materials if needed. Discuss packing/unpacking options with movers at least one month before moving to coordinate details.

Factor #6: Plan for Transporting Vehicles if Relocating Far Away

If you’re moving more than a few hours away, you'll need a plan to transport your vehicles. Options include:

  • Hiring an auto transport company to move your vehicles. Book this about two weeks before the move.
  • Renting a car, car trailer, or truck to move vehicles yourself. Reserve at least one month prior.
  • Selling vehicles and purchasing new ones upon relocating.
  • Flying and arranging temporary transportation until you get new
  • vehicles.
  • Consider costs, convenience, and timing to choose what works best.

Factor #7: Make Special Accommodations for Pets

Don’t wait until the last minute to decide how to relocate pets. Options like air travel or pet-friendly hotels require advance planning and fees.

  • Give yourself two months to get pet records, microchipping, vaccines etc.
  • If flying, find airlines allowing pets in a cabin or cargo at least one month
  • out.
  • Book pet-friendly hotels 1-2 weeks in advance if you need overnight stays en route.
  • Confirm policies with movers, airlines, and hotels to ensure pets’ safe transport.

Factor #8: Manage Logistics of Changing Utilities, Services, Etc.

To set up utilities and services at your new home, contact providers one month before moving to schedule service transfers and installation.

  • Internet/cable/phone
  • Electricity/gas/water
  • Trash collection
  • Security system
  • Forwarding mail through USPS

Also, remember to cancel services at your old address. Managing logistics in advance reduces headaches later.

Let the Moving Experts at Bayflower Moving Group Handle the Details

Planning a move involves carefully aligning many elements to ensure everything goes right. Rather than getting overwhelmed, let Bayflower Moving Group handle the heavy lifting, literally!

As trusted Moving Companies in Brandon, we make it easy to determine the optimal time to reserve our services. Get a free quote online, and we’ll provide expert guidance on scheduling your upcoming move.

With decades of experience completing seamless long-distance relocations, you can trust our team has the skills and resources to get you moved on time and on budget. Contact Bayflower Moving Group today to get the process started on the right foot!

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