August 13, 2022

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Can You Lose Weight With Circuit Training?

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Weight loss without proper exercise means you are choosing unhealthy ways to shed off the extra weight. Where experts say that crash diets and other ways might help but they will adversely affect your health as well as your body in the long run. If you want to choose a healthy lifestyle your focus should be on exercise. When it comes to weight you need a very well-rounded exercise that will not only just help you lose a few pounds around the waist but also help you get rid of extra fat and improve your physical strength and endurance. Where most workouts have a few repetitive patterns that can focus on weight reduction, you also need a few things that will mainly reduce the time and increase the overall yield. Your exercise should be intense but simple so you don’t have to practically choose the way you take the next step.

There is no doubt that with so many different exercise types you might feel confused about which one to choose. However, if you look at the details you will know there is no hard and fast rule that you have to choose this exercise only if you want to lose weight. Some people even mix and match different exercise patterns and adjust them according to the time frame. One of the best and most used exercises for weight loss is circuit training. Within circuit training, you will burn much more calories by just mastering a few simple exercises. These simple exercises will collectively help you to burn more calories without mastering too much technique.

With the help of this article, we will look deeply into circuit training and how it can help you lose weight by using the circuit training workout pattern. As most people like a customized workout pattern, our focus will be mainly on helping you customize the pattern according to your need.

What Is Circuit Training? 

Circuit training is not an exercise, it is a workout pattern that consists of different exercises, and within this workout pattern, you will have at least 8-10 exercises that you will perform. After each exercise, you will take a very short interval for the rest. Once you are done with all the exercises you then have to take time to rest. Your resting time will not be between each exercise, instead, you will take time for rest by the end of the workout. Most of the time, circuit training exercises target different muscle groups because they are made up of combination-based exercises rather than solution exercises, however if you have just isolation exercises you need to have isolation exercises that will focus on every muscle group. This will help you develop full-body circuit training. With the help of circuit training, you will see improvement in strength, endurance as well as muscle mass and you will be able to lose weight.

How to Use Circuit Training For Weight Loss?

One of the most common issues that most people face is that they know circuit training works but when they start their training they don’t see significant results. So eventually you will notice that there is nothing wrong with the goal or the workout but the exerc8se that they have chosen. You need to keep in mind that some exercises are good for weight loss whereas others are good for mass building. So when you use mass building exercises for weight loss you might not see any significant results.

For a simple customized circuit-based workout pattern you need to start with some weight loss exercises and then assemble these exercises. However, in some cases, people randomly choose cardio that is meant for targeting different muscle groups but eventually they end up assembling it in a way that they have favorable results and this workout for them. However, experts say that to make it possible you need to have a grip over the technique and you must know how you will use the workout for a better yield. Apart from this your time and intensity also matter so you have to keep in mind that as well.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, most people just use one exercise pattern or just one workout, however in real life you cannot just focus on one exercise pattern. You need to mix and match especially when it comes to weight loss. Most people start their circuit training but they don’t use the intensity or full power so eventually their results are not as good as other people’s. Before you choose an exercise you need to start by setting a smart goal. Your goal should be measurable and bounded by time so you can determine the workout pattern and see the progress. In some cases, people start with a good goal but their workout pattern doesn’t match their goal so they end up failing. Your selection of exercises and then assembling must follow a simple pattern that will help you to see which exercise will be better and how you are going to use it for achieving your goal.

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