September 26, 2022

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Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla – Your favorite baking ally

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madagascar bourbon vanilla

If you are a baking lover, you might have stumbled across various baking recipes where vanilla extract is the key ingredient for making your cookies, cakes, ice creams, or cupcakes flavorful. Vanilla extract can give your dishes a sweet, velvety, and mellow taste and serve as a superb delight. 

The vanilla extracts are the purest forms of vanilla, which come from extracting the flavor of vanilla pods. Its extraction process is time-consuming but worth the wait for the delight.

Gourmet Trading Co.:

The leading brand of gourmet groceries in Canada, brings you the intense Madagascar Bourbon vanilla to make your creation delectable. 

What’s so special about Madagascar Bourbon vanilla?

The Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla extract is 100% pure, giving it full flavor in both hot and cold food applications. The extract is originally from Madagascar, the Bourbon Island, where it is hand-harvested and sun curated. 

It’s a perfect add-on to your baking dishes as it features a rich aromatic fragrance and a creamy and velvety vanilla flavor with a tint of sweetness.

Vanilla is the most decadent flavor that comes from the presence of vanillin, and Madagascar bourbon vanilla has the highest concentration in comparison to other countries. 

What does it taste like? 

Basically, the board one vanilla contains hay-like, earthy, spicy, and creamy notes. You can use it where you desire to add a traditional vanilla flavor. 

It is ideal all-purpose vanilla that holds an intense and balanced flavor. You can use it for a variety of other purposes, like roasting and grilling. 

Do you know what the most incredible thing is?

It’s all-natural, allergen-free, gluten-free, and a non-GMO product! It’s an easy product to enhance the surrounding flavors. Now, you can enjoy the luxurious taste of your favorite desserts, puddings, and other savory dishes.

Some substitutes for vanilla extract include vanilla paste, vanilla flavor, vanilla beans, etc., but the extract is above all. It does not harm the texture of your food, nor does it give it any pungent smell.

Just imagine you can make Baked Alaska, creamy coffee, oreo balls, red velvet cake, and donuts at home! 

Isn’t it exciting? It is! right?

So, explore Gourmet Trading’s gourmet grocery store to find the divine bourbon vanilla extract. 

Vanilla extract contributes to the full flavor potential of other ingredients. Besides baking, you can use it for a variety of dishes!

Let’s have a look at where you can add up a savory taste with this rich vanilla – 

Smoothies –

Any smoothie with a tint of vanilla extract tastes excellent! If you are not a green smoothie lover, the best answer is Madagascar bourbon vanilla. It helps meld the flavour of different fruits and vegetables, giving them a delicate sweetness without sugar.

Coffee Drinks –

Vanilla extract infused with coffee gives a mouth-watering experience. You can try it out with your home-brewed coffee. It’s a bet; they will taste fantastic and better than 5-star restaurants.

Savoury sauces –

Professional chefs consider adding vanilla extract to savory foods to bring out a rich flavor. You can give it a try with different sauces to enhance the dish’s overall flavour and texture.

Grilled and Barbeque dishes –

Yes, that’s true! You can eventually try vanilla extract as a grill marinade or glaze. To embrace the natural sweetness of food products like meat, chicken, beef, fish, pork, etc., you can add spoonfuls of vanilla extract to them.

Cocktails and shakes –

If you want your cocktails or shakes to be luscious in flavor, try adding vanilla extract. It pairs beautifully with flavors like chocolate, cinnamon, clove, cherry, mango, strawberry, etc. 

Now, you’re no stranger to Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract. Shop it today to relish wonderful delights. 

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