How to Make Your Bathroom Germ-Free With These Deep Cleaning Techniques?

The bathroom is your favorite relaxing zone whether you are spending an entire day in the office or engaging in domestic chores. However, what happens when germs lurk in your bathroom and yellowish stains appear on the tiles? Well, you will avoid going to an unclean bathroom as it becomes a hub of infections. 

To make your bathroom clean in the real sense, focus on bathroom deep cleaning tips so that it not only looks clean but is free from bacteria. From showers, faucets, and bathtubs to vanity basins, you need to ensure that every corner of the bathroom is squeaky clean.

Here are a few deep cleaning techniques to make your bathroom germ-free:

  1. Remove Unnecessary Things From Your Bathroom 

The first step is making our bathroom free from clutter and that will not be easy. There is so much stuff in here that you would never know which ones to keep and what you need to throw. For instance, your bathmat may be the one that is overused, or containers of body showers, gels, skin creams, and lotions are half empty and have reached the expiry date. Old towels and the bag where you keep them may need replacement. Remove everything that no one in the household will ever use before you take on the task of deep cleaning the space. Lastly, you need to prepare a bathroom deep cleaning checklist to stay more organized just like professional cleaning services do. 

  1. Remove Scales From The Shower Head And Faucets 

The faucets and shower head house germs that may affect your lungs. So, think about descaling them at first. Just remove the shower head and soak it in a solution of white vinegar overnight. Dip them in cold water the next day morning you are done with the cleaning task. Before starting the cleaning task, you need to know all the five components and how you should clean them. 

  1. Clean The Floor

Bathroom floors take a little time to get dirty, especially the hair that clings onto the surface and everywhere your eyes are stuck. Besides, you have dust and grime collecting on the surface, which makes it slippery.  When cleaning the bathroom floor, you need to remove the stains. Use an anti-staining agentand sprinkle the requisite amount on the floor. Let it work for a couple of hours before scrubbing the surface. Depending on the kind of floor your bathroom has, the cleaning technique needs to be gentle or hard. However, if the bathroom floor has no stains, you need to vacuum it thoroughly from the window slides to the cabinets and the corners and then wipe it clean using water. Research bathroom tile cleaning tips to get more insights.

  1. Grout, Walls, Countertop, And Ceiling 

Cleaning tile grout can get hectic but they are prone to bacteria buildup. So, you need a typically strong agent to remove the dirt that accumulates there. All you need to do is dip the grout brush in the cleaning solution and scrub the area clean. Besides, don’t forget to appoint professionals to seal grout to prevent dirt and moisture from getting in. 

Apart from this, you need to clean the walls, countertop, and the ceiling. Spray the cleaning agent on these surfaces and build steam inside the bathroom. Let the cleaning solutions and steam come into contact with each other as you leave the bathroom and shut the door. Enter inside after the stipulated time and wipe all the surfaces clean. For cleaning mold and mildew, you need to use a mold-removing solution to maximize the effect. 

  1. Cleaning The Toilet 

Toilet cleaning is another tricky task as the bowl shelters different kinds of bacteria that are also in the handle, seat, and various other surfaces. For disinfectant bathroom cleaning, you just need to pour a substantial amount of baking soda inside the bowl. Allow this to stay for 30 minutes or more may be. Thereafter, you need to use a brush to clean the bowl inside out. Try to use an angled brush to make the task easy when cleaning those out of the way spaces. After cleaning, you need to close the lid and flush. 

  1. Clean The Vanity Basin

Use an appropriate bathroom cleaner when cleaning the vanity basin as bacteria builds up here as well. Pour soda or white vinegar into the vanity basin and run lukewarm water down the drain. Apart from this, use cleaning solutions to remove the white spots from the faucet, and finally remove the stains from the mirror above the basin for comprehensive cleaning.

Should you deep clean your bathroom often? If you are cleaning it weekly but only completing the light tasks, you must go for deep cleaning once a month or fortnightly. A lot will depend on how many people are using the bathroom. Cleaning services can submit guest posts for home improvement. In the meantime, you need to deep clean the bathroom based on how dirty it gets. 

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