Market Value Of Historical Coins In The Global Economic Platform

Are you a coin collector? What kind of a coin collector are you? A person who finds passion in doing so or because you know what that coin’s value is? Well if you are the second one, then this article can help you out.

Whenever the value of a coin or money outstrips its minted or printed price, the rarity and demand exist as well. There are many valuable coins all around the world, other than just the 1972 dollar coin U.S.

The valuable foreign coins in the world have pretty cleared out history that rewinds hundreds of years and often that history is what drives interest within us.

We all know that the most valuable coins are in the United States and their worth is massive like the 1979 dollar coin. But coins from other foreign lands have equal or may have greater value.

In this article, I will talk about 6 historic coins that have a great market value in the global economic platform. Let’s get on with it.

Market Value Of Historical Coins In The Global Economic Platform

All historic antiques are sold at a pretty good value, that could just save your retired life. But it has to be done with the help of a good antique dealer. The person has to really have knowledge about antiques, especially coins, historic coins.

Here are some coins from foreign lands apart from the U.S.

1. Edward III Florin (England)

The market value of the Edward III Florin coin today is 6.8 million dollars.

The coin is 677 years old, it circulated in Medieval England, almost for a year in 1343 and now it has gotten the name of the rarest coins in the world. The value of the coin is because of its history, among the three coins of its kind, the third one was found in the year 2006 and got sold in the same year, while the first and the second coin are displayed at the British Museum.

The value of the coin in the 14th century was just six shillings.

2. Umayyad Dinar (Middle East)

The market value of the Umayyad Dinar coin today is 5 million dollars.

The originality of the coin is in the Middle East and it dates back to 723 AD and is now probably the rarest coin in the world and the most expensive coin to be sold in an auction. The coin happened to have an inscription on the face “ Mine of the Commander of the Faithful”. This coin is one of a kind. Only 12 coins are still with us.

3. Brutus AV Aureus (Ancient Roman)

This Brutus AV Aureus coin is worth 4.17 million dollars today.

This coin happens to be just four of its kind, among four one was recently found from a person who possessed it privately and after taking it under custody it was sold for 4.17 million dollars.

The other coins are displayed at the British Museum and the last one is in the Deutsche Bundesbank collection. The coin recalls the death of Julius Caesar, with his assassin Brutus. One side of the coin has Brutus’s face engraved and the other has daggers, with which he killed Caesar.

The value of the coin is so high because of its significant history.

4. Single 9 Pond (South Africa)

The market value of the  Single 9 Pond coin is worth 4 million dollars today.

This 1898 Single Pond coin is considered to be another rarest coin of South Africa. The coin was not at all familiar with the world, even being so unknown it got sold for 4 million dollars in May 2010

When the coins were asked to be made again, the Boer government instead of wasting the metal, used the old coins and punched the numeric 9 on the old ones, which reflect the year which is 1899.

Soon the process of re-making the coin came to an end, as the makers realized that the coin is way too small. This makes the coin the only one of its kind.

5. Athenian Decadrachm (Greece)

The market value of the Athenian Greece coin is 2.92 million today.

It came into existence around 430 BCE, the coin circulated in a wide range, but it has a significant history that makes this coin a rare one.

The reason for bringing the coin alive was that it shows a time of prosperity for Greeks. On one side of the coin is Greek Goddess Athena and on the other side, there is an owl which is a symbol of companionship. As soon as the coin came, the Greeks were proud of their victory against Persia, on the battlefield.

6. Sigmund III Vasa (Polish)

The market value of the Sigmund III Vasa coin is 2.16 million.

During the 16th and 17th centuries, there was a prolonged war between the Ottoman Army and Polish. Though nobody really won, the Polish lost fewer soldiers against the Ottoman Army and was successful to stop the expansion of Islam to their Christian countries.

The coins were made to celebrate the victory of the war. King Sigmund announced the minting of hundred ducats gold coins. The coin got sold for  2.16million in the year January 2018. There is only one slide that is engraved with the King’s face.

Wrapping It All Up

There you go with 6 foreign coins from all around the world. Along with a brief history about them, I have also mentioned the market value of those coins today.

Some people are very fond of collecting coins, they do it because they like it very much. But there are people too who want to or are possessing one historic coin so that they get money against it. Either way, they still exist. You can also check New Zealand’s one-dollar coin.

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