Importance And Procedure Of Getting The Marriage Certificate Attestation In UAE

The legal marriage of two people is evidenced by a marriage certificate. The government issues the marriage certificate, which must include the names of the couple, the wedding venue, the date and time of the wedding, the names of the witnesses, and other information. An act of witnessing a legal document produced in the name of a married couple is known as a marriage certificate attestation in UAE. People are allowed to present their original documents or proof of blood ties. The designated authority from the Union or State Territory where the document was issued must first validate all the original documents that call for attestation.


Although applying for a family or spousal visa is the main reason to get your marriage certificate confirmed, there are other instances in which you’ll need to demonstrate your legal marriage to your partner:

  • Passport amendment to include spouse’s name
  • Including a spouse on your health insurance
  • To obtain a passport for your child.
  • To admit your wife to a hospital for childbirth
  • To purchase a property together with your spouse in the UAE
  • Divorce petition in the UAE


To complete the marriage certificate attestation process in the UAE, one of the spouses must physically attend each agency’s verification. Depending on the nation in which it is being done, a different spouse may be present during a given department’s attestation. The marriage certificate must be attested in a specific order, as is the case with any type of attestation.

Notary Department Attestation

You would need to have the Notary Department in the state or city where the marriage certificate was issued confirmed and stamped the marriage certificate together with your other certifications or documents. You would need to visit a collector’s office or a public notary office for this.

Home Department Attestation

Since a marriage certificate is a sort of personal document, the State Home Department in the state where it was first issued must certify it. You must take your certificate and the other personal documents to the Ministry of External Affairs when the Home Department has stamped them.

Ministry Of External Affairs Attestation

It is a department of the federal government in charge of overseeing the nation’s foreign policy. The marriage certificate needs to be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs of the nation where it was issued since you intend to bring your spouse to the UAE to live with you and the certificate was issued in another country. It is the final step in the domestic attestation process or attestation by a home government department.

Embassy Attestation

Since your spouse intends to relocate to the UAE, the marriage certificate must first receive the stamp of approval from several government agencies in the originating nation before being attested to by the UAE Embassy. You must have the certificate validated by the MOFA attestation which the Embassy confirms the authenticity of the document and the validity of the marriage.

Ministry Of External Affairs Attestation

It is a division of the UAE government in charge of managing the nation’s exterior or foreign affairs. If you want your marriage certificate to be approved and recognized legally in the UAE, which is a Gulf nation, you must have an attesting of MOFA in UAE. This completes the process of attesting a marriage certificate.


The documents needed to get a marriage certificate attested can change from time to time. However, the following is a list of some of the crucial documents:

  • An original marriage certificate should be granted by a valid party.
  • Copy of passport, Visa, and two passport-sized photos
  • Letter of authorization.

The aforementioned records are required to be provided as legal proof by applicants seeking an attested certificate as part of the application process.


Getting your marriage certificate attested has several advantages, one of which is that it makes it easier to obtain a family visa. To stay legally in UAE if you are married to a national or resident, you will need a family visa. However, to apply for a family visa, you must present a marriage certificate that has been properly attested as evidence of your relationship. It is also simpler to open a joint bank account, buy real estate, or conduct other big financial operations as a couple when you have your marriage documents attested. A properly attested marriage certificate is frequently required by banks and other financial organizations as confirmation of your married status.

Additionally, having your marriage documents attested adds a layer of security and protection. You can use your attestation certificate as proof of your marriage and the details of your union if any legal issues come up in the future. Last but not least, it is important to keep in mind that the attestation process for marriage certificates can be difficult and time-consuming. Obtaining several documents, completing numerous forms, and navigating various government organizations are all necessary. To guarantee that the process is easy and hassle-free, it is advisable to seek the help of a reliable attestation service provider.