Massage Therapy Gun

The massage therapy gun is also very popular for its ability to hyper efficiently oxygenate the muscles in order to accelerate the recovery process following physical exertion and for its effectiveness against muscle tearing.

the advantage of the massage therapy gun concerns the fact that it significantly reduces the risk of injury during physical exertion since your muscles will have been warmed up in the best possible way. So relax your muscles.

How to properly use a massage therapy gun?

The use of a massage therapy gun is very simple. The massage gun should be gently moved towards the area of ​​the body to be massaged. Then, go back and forth along the length of the muscle. For relaxation massages or massages aimed at relaxing the muscles, it is better to opt for level 1 speed. 

To use this gun after a warm-up, it is advisable to select level 3. The duration of the sessions to relieve muscle tension may last. between 5 and 15 minutes. The ALDOM muscle massage gun is easy to handle and very efficient and allows muscles to be relaxed.

Percussion therapy and massage gun: How does it work?

Thanks to percussion therapy, the massage gun promotes muscle relaxation for people who sit too often during the day, thus reducing stress and improving sleep.

For daily relaxation after work

Worthy of a massage done by a professional or almost, the guns are calibrated to solicit the deepest muscles, with its 40 vibrations per second, the tensions fade. 

To relax the muscles after a good workout

Also used for amateur or experienced athletes to achieve their goals and optimize their performance, they allow you to get the most out of training sessions by improving recovery! The massage guns can be used before, during or after training. The vibrations tone the blood circulation: the flow of blood is then greater and increases the supply of oxygen to the muscles, thus accelerating their regeneration. 

The advantages of percussion massage therapy with a dedicated gun

High frequency percussion promotes muscle relaxation and thus acts on stress reduction and improved sleep. Scientific research has also shown the beneficial effects of a completely relaxed body on the rhythm of sleep. Sixty minutes of deep massage would be equivalent to seven hours of sleep (source Inserm).

Muscle relaxation

In practice, klevagym massage gun uk are calibrated to engage the deepest muscles. With their 40 vibrations per second, tensions subside and the body is relaxed. 

For teleworkers who subconsciously suffer from muscle laziness, the massage gun puts increased pressure on muscles and joints, increases tissue heat, improves mobility and reduces tension. It relieves the back, neck and hips; particularly sensitive areas that must be taken care of during confinement. After a few sessions the installed muscle contractions are released.

How to use a massage gun alone at home?

I tend to think that it is a real tool for professionals such as physiotherapists, Osteos and other rehabilitation specialists. So in my opinion it is important to know how to use it before using it on any area of ​​your body. 

I therefore advise you to read the instructions carefully and to watch as many tutorials as possible like the one below for example. It is always good to take the advice of health professionals or a sports coach before using such a device. Be careful, there may also be some contraindications, especially for the most fragile people. In short, take all the necessary precautions before using a percussion massage gun.  

Indeed, if an athlete has not sufficiently recovered from his previous training, he risks being less efficient, straining out of frustration and injuring himself. It is in this area that the massage gun will be the most interesting.

Many athletes and professional structures attach great importance to recovery. How many times have we seen footballers getting a massage after a match or athletes immersing themselves in ice baths or cryotherapy devices?


There are many methods to promote recovery between sessions:

Cryotherapy: use of cold by taking ice baths or a cryotherapy device.

Self-massages: often performed using a ball, cane or roller.


Diet: Make sure you eat a diet rich in protein and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals) by eating enough fruits and vegetables.

For cryotherapy, the ice bath usually takes a long time to set up and can also be very uncomfortable.
Self-massages and stretching appear to be a simple method but they require a lot of time: between 20 to 30 minutes per day. In addition, the use of the self-massage roller can be complicated or even painful on certain areas of the body.

This is why the klevagym massage gun uk is of real interest. It is easy to use and the athlete can perfectly self-massage while watching a series in his sofa. The massage gun also makes it possible to better target painful areas and to reach certain muscle groups more easily than with a roller or a ball. 

Effects of the klevagym massage gun uk On Recovery

The use of a massage gun has significant benefits in terms of muscle recovery and injury prevention: 

  • Reduction of muscle aches and pains
  • Decreased muscle stiffness
  • Faster recovery of muscle strength
  • Stimulation of muscle oxygenation
  • Reduces post-workout inflammatory processes
  • Identifies the most sensitive areas of the body


klevagym massage gun uk is the ideal solution for easy recovery, while offering many benefits for your body. For all these reasons, it is more and more recommended by high level athletes but also used by therapists during their massage sessions.