Matching Bathroom Vanities To Bathroom Tile

Upgrading the bathroom is an exciting journey. Be it finding the perfect design or selecting a floor tile, the ‘before and after’ look is truly satisfying. However, the decision-making process can be confusing. With the huge availability of various colours, textures, designs, and patterns, owners often get stressed deciding the right choice.

For a picture-perfect bathroom set-up, it is crucial to match the bathroom vanities with the floor tiles. Apart from that, you need to include enough space in your bathroom vanities to keep your bathroom neat and clean.

What are the different materials available for bathroom vanities?

Vanities are the combination of bathroom sink and cabinet. It is the most important aspect of a detailed bathroom design. Moreover, it serves as the centerpiece of the space, hence likely to grab the most attention of a bathroom. Vanities are made up of different materials like:

· Stone

· Laminate

· Cement

· Wood

Based on the other finish of your bathroom, you can choose a perfect bathroom vanity. Let us find out how to match other components with the vanity?

Pair with Style

You can unify the bathroom vanities with the existing style of your bathroom. If you have a rustic look with a darker finish for your bathroom, go for a wooden one. For example, you can choose a contrasting colour like grey or cream with a darker shade bathroom.

By mixing elements of different styles, shapes and textures, you can create a majestic look. Moreover, it adds an extra dimension to your bathroom. To decorate your bathroom in a contemporary style, you can add mirror in your bathroom vanity. If you have a small bathroom then install a large size mirror to make it spacious.

Match with Colour Palate

Colours play a fundamental role to enhance the entire look of your home. Especially in the bathroom, it is very crucial to style the colour palate. To enhance the flow and cohesiveness of the exact colour, you should stick to a particular theme.

Bathroom vanities are available in different colours, shades and textures. Keep in a note, for a pleasant and eye-pleasing look, try to avoid solid colours. Instead, choose subtle hues like cream, peach, rust, brown, white, and light grey.

Size of the Vanity

Of course, you need to consider the size of bathroom vanities for aesthetics and fit. The size of the cabinet also depends on the other components present in the bathroom. Moreover, if the bathroom is next to the kitchen, adjusting the size would be difficult.

If you choose a larger one with a darker shade, your bathroom will look small. Hence, for a small bathroom, it is better to avoid dark colours; instead choose light tints for small bathrooms.

Match with Backsplashes

You can create a subtle feeling of unity by matching the vanity and backsplashes. You can include an exciting backsplash material for bathroom vanities. In place of tile or granite backsplash, you can go for a mirror bathroom backsplash with minimalistic style.

Even though 4 to 8-inch backsplashes are the most common, why not try out an out-of-box style? How about a countertop-to-ceiling backsplash?  You can search such designers online and take their suggestion in this regard. They can provide some templates for your bathroom vanities and you can customize a design for you bathroom.

Bathroom vanities are an excellent piece to enhance the entire look of your bathroom. A perfect route to the bathroom should offer a sense of unity and solidarity. However, it is important to install the right shade, size, and texture that are great for usability.