Popular Men’s Outwear & Essentials in UAE

Emirati women and men have their traditional dresses and outfits that are different from the other cultures. The tourists don’t cover their heads unless they are visiting holy places like the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Men wear sleeves shirts, trousers, hoodies, and jackets in the winter season. Sportswear or active wear are gym shirts, crew neck shirts, and polo shirts with sneakers or cleats. The smart casual for office wear is collared shirts with jeans or pants. You can select simple yet effective or trendy essentials and outfits from Trendyol Offers.

Regardless of any weather or heat men and women dress smart and elegant for the office with a t-shirt and tie. All the seasons and traditions have their charm that’s why in summer women wear skirts, shorts, leggings and blouses. Men are not behind the fashion and modesty look they wear loose shirts made of soft cotton for fashion. You can create a decent look according to your choice and sense of colors that will attract your personality. 

Wearing T-shirts and slightly longer pants are recommended in areas like downtown or Dubai Marina and Deira. Men wear full-length trousers despite the heat and sunny days to protest their bodies. As the weather is harsh it is necessary to select clothing that is reliable for the season. In this, we will discuss the latest trendy men’s fashion and accessories that you must have in your wardrobe.

1-Summer Beige Sweatshirt 

The beige sweatshirt is elevated with classic staples that make the travel. For a stylish and comfortable look, this is suitable and you can run or go hiking. This beige sweatshirt is designed in a neutral hue with a hood collar and zip at the front. The zip is for the opening and closing and to adjust according to your fitting. The casual hood sweatshirt is composed of 90% Cotton and 10% Polyester. 

This sweatshirt is cut from the soft jersey with a streamlined hoodie that brings coziness and comfort. This is a must staple for an all-year-round wardrobe. You can wear it as a solo piece or layered with cool trousers to suit your style. 

2-Multicolor Polo T-shirt

The multi-color polo shirt offers a well-rounded collection of impeccably cut essentials for luxury and refinement. Multicolor polo t-shirt is made from premium materials like cotton using high-quality processing techniques. For a bit of care, this essential t-shirt can last for years or even decades for your wardrobe. For smart looking it is designed with an embroidered logo that makes the shirt beautiful and trendy. 

3-Ape Head Hoodie

The grey ape head hoodie will be an amazing staple in your off-duty wardrobe. You will feel relaxed as it is composed of pure cotton for a cozy feel. Furthermore, this hoodie is decorated elegantly with a label and patch. This resembles like Japanese brand’s iconic ape head symbol. This cotton fleece has long sleeves with ribbed trims. There are large kangaroo pockets at the front of the hoodie for storing accessories or mobile. It is attached hood with logo detail at the chest showing a unique and amazing look. You can have an amazing style on the ground and off the field with white headbands and sunglasses. 

4- Black Straight Sweatpants 

You can boost the luxury of your summer edits with these black sweatpants from Portugal. This is a snuggly fleece fabric with a baggy fit silhouette for optimum comfort. There is a label election-inspired political logo for an instantly recognizable finish. It is designed with an elasticated waistband and two slash pockets for the storage of goods. The 100% polyester sweatpants can be paired with a trendy hoodie or polo shirt for a sporty look.

You can wear these sweatpants as casual wear also. There you can design a summer chic look with a logo t-shirt, a pair of sneakers, and a cap on the head. 

5-Black BEANIE with Logo

Now you can love the cool weather like frosty streets, a coffee mug, and a cozy logo beanie. This can be the top of any outfit with its classic style and acts as a barrier to cool air. The trefoil logo is the final detail that will have you reaching again and again. It is composed of 100 % acrylic material with a cozy ribbed fabric. For the fitting, there is a fold-off cuff and the size fits all the individuals. For a winter look, you can pair this beanie with a hoodie and sweatpants of woven material. 

6-Goalkeeper Gloves 

These goalkeeper gloves are made of soft shell fabric that keeps the hand safe and warm in chilly weather. They are composed of special technology which is why they are water-repellant and wind resistant. You can use the electronics with touchscreen-compatible fingertips. The fabric of the gloves is crafted with 93% polyester, 6% elastane, and 1% polyurethane. The reflective details and extended cuffs add an amazing comfortable look. This is an imported glove with a Flood-print palm grip for the goal. 

7-Nike Sports T-Shirt 

Whatever the occasion or exercise, there is a Nike Sports T-Shirt to suit. This range has something for everyone, especially for gym lovers. This tee has a slim fit with a crew neck design. You can easily elevate your sports and training gear with this sports t-shirt, as well as casual and streetwear looks. This simple, slim fit and antiperspirant tee will effortlessly add another dimension of style to all of your outfits. There are so many different designs and colors throughout this t-shirt range, so you know there is at least one that is perfect for you.

8-Altamira Sweatsuit Set

This Altamira Sweatsuit set is a great way to warm up your body before training. They make your skin beautiful, luminous, comfortable, and soft. This sweatsuit is oversized with a pure cotton material. For more effectiveness, especially in the loss of cellulite, it is recommended to wear this sweat suit while exercising. Elevate your toxins, relieve stress, release pheromones, optimize perspiration, increase the loss of water, fight cellulite effectively, and a lot more. This sweat suit is the perfect catch for maintaining the temperature of the body thus an excellent means of achieving the sweating goal.

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