How to Merge VCF File into vCard? – Easiest Solution

In this blog, I will help you regarding how to merge VCF file into vCard file. As users face trouble resolving this issue through manual method, so here I will provide you an automatic that may surely help them regarding this. Let’s start the article with a quick explanation of VCF file format. 

vCard is kind of vising card which may have so many contacts as well as single contact, it creates .vcf file extension. The contacts of VCF file may contain the basic details of users like first name, last name, contact no, email address etc. Sharing multiple contacts file via email can be problematic so it is wise to merge them in a single file, so that I can easily shareable. Also, it is much easy to manage a single file well, and all the contacts can be seen one-by-one in a conveniently manner. 

CubexSoft VCF Merger Tool is the correct way out to solve this issue of how to merge VCF file into vCard. Otherwise, if you go by manual method then it would be difficult to understand this method. Also there are many restrictions in the manual method and it does not ensure complete accuracy. 

And if you go with any online too then you have to upload your contacts details online. So, it would be better to go with a safe method to merge VCF files as this will help overcoming all such limitations quite well. 

Advanced Attributes of vCard Merge Tool

Dual Options to Add VCF: vCard File Merger Application allows selecting multiple VCF files plus complete folder at once. 

Simplest Way: Undoubtedly, It is an easiest VCF merger approach, users may begin and accomplish the merging task without any technical obstructions. 

Compatible with Multiple VCF Versions:  Users may merge the numerous files of VCF into a single VCF files, and it supports vCard file versions 3.0 and 2.1. 

Contact Details Preserved:  This application is the risk-free technique to merge vCard files, so every element of a vCard Contacts will be preserved safely in the resultant data. 

Select Desired Location: Users may choose the output files’ location according to their preference. 

Let’s Talk About How to Merge VCF File into vCard File – Steps 

  • Step1: At first launch then start the vCard Converter on your System.
  • Step2: Then they may add specific/required VCF files and folder.
  • Step3: Now, you may use remove the undesired files through “Remove” and “Remove All” options.
  • Step4: Then you have to opt for the Merge vCard option. 
  • Step5: Then finally click on Export tan, from now the processing starts.

Wrap Up

In the above article, the most precise solution of the query how to merge VCF file into vCard file is given. Users may launch and start this application on Windows Operating Systems ( Windows 10, Windows11, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows XP and Windows Vista etc), also they must grab the opportunity of a free trial, it permits to merge the 5 vCard files for free of cost. 

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