The Mid Century Design Obsession and Modern Times

No house can ever live without having some or full pieces of furniture such as sofas beds and tables and Lounge chairs. Lounge chairs have been an important part of homes for centuries and when we talk about the most beloved and iconic lounge chairs then nothing can beat the beauty and fame of the Mid-century modern designed Eames Lounge Chair or a Barcelona chair and these mid-century furniture items has always been way ahead of its time and this is the reason that they still look fab for contemporary interiors as well. The designs are referred from the 1930s to the ’60s where several iconic designs came into existence from Eames Office Chair to sofas and egg chairs and the world is still crazy about such furniture but why? Here is what you need to know.

Unique Materials

Unlike traditional furniture where just wood is being used, the mid-century furniture designs come with material that is still rocking the modern age such as aluminum and molded wood styles. Take Barcelona chair for instance that is designed to look like a uni-body structure. Aluminum is durable and can help make your statement piece of furniture last for years. Not only just that, but chairs such as the Eames Lounge Chair also feature multiple materials from traditional high-quality wood such as teak along with non-organic material types such as metal, plywood, glass creates, and vinyl. Also, some types of mid-century furniture will feature two colors and will make your already statement piece of furniture a piece of head-turning furniture such as an egg chair which doesn’t only have a unique design but the material it features is great enough to be placed any corner of the room.

Wide Range of Colors

Mid-century furniture heavily focuses on the natural color palate so you can see a wide range of brown, beige, and silver, white. However, you can also find them in bold colors as well so they can also be found in sharp and bold colors which will help you to add pop into your room. Just picture a neutral-painted room with a reddish color and a white Eames Lounge Chair near the bookcase or fireplace.

The Style That Is Here To Stay

Another great feature of mid-century furniture is the fact that it features the style that is here to stay for years to come. It is evident as you can see that even after half of the century, the mid-century style Eames Office Chair, Womb Chair, and alike is still considered a great part of any interior. They feature design such as natural curves, straight lines, and smooth places which end up as the most elegant looking design in the furniture history that is still hard to beat and if you look closer to the modern furniture then you can find their inspiration which is coming from mid-century iconic furniture pieces.

Final Words

Mid-century furniture is still a huge craze in the modern world and for the right reasons. To anyone who wants to give it a try even Eames Lounge Chair replica then make sure to buy from a reputed furniture shop online for a better customer experience.