5 Common Mistakes You May Make While Marketing Your Business On YouTube

You may market your business on YouTube and increase brand visibility to the targeted audience. But how many of you really achieve success in this?

More often marketers struggle to bring their YouTube videos to the top of the search engine result page. This trims down the traffic generation level, affects the quality leads, and eventually, hampers the business reputation.

In this blog, we will discuss the common mistakes made by marketers while marketing their businesses through YouTube videos. Before you seek the guidance of the best reputation management company, find out your mistakes and rectify them.

5 Common YouTube marketing mistakes that you must avoid

1.     Limited uploading of videos: Everything should have consistency if you want your business to attain better visibility. This means, if you are thinking of marketing your business through engaging videos, you should be frequent enough to upload your videos.

 Limiting your upload to one or two videos in a month can damage your existing reputation. To create better engagement, you should have consistency while uploading videos.

Make sure your YouTube channel is loaded with high-quality videos at a consistent rate. You can make a routine of uploading videos once or twice a week. Every week there should be a new video attached to your channel with proper links. This will engage your subscribers and keep them excited about the new drop.

The more the videos, the more will be your subscribers. This intends to generate a high reputation for the brand online.

2.     Poor audio or quality: What if the video contains poor audio or poor-quality images? No viewers would hit a like or spend time watching such videos. This is another big mistake commonly made by marketers.

 Creating a video with poor quality images or audio drops down the brand value. If the viewers find difficulty in listening to the audio or if the images are not properly visible, the video will neither get engagement nor it will generate high traffic.

All your efforts will automatically cease, leaving you with no option except apologies. So, even if you feel you are creating great videos with great engaging content, just play the preview button and watch the video properly. If it goes well, upload it.  

3.     Not asking for subscribers, like, or comment: Have you ever watched a YouTube content? At the end of every YouTube video, the YouTuber asks the viewers to subscribe, hit the like button, and comment in the comment section. You have to perform the same.

To create customer engagement, to learn about your subscribers, to analyze your audience, you need to beg them for these three things – subscribe, like, and comment.

 Many viewers tend to watch the video and simply move on to the next. Even if your video has great content, it fails to generate likes and shares. So, ask your viewers to perform the actions for your own sake.

Better if you encourage them. For example, instead of asking aimlessly like “Subscribe the channel for more updates”, you can create excitement like “Do you like our video, then don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. Please, please hit the like button before you go.” Do something creative that your viewers will fall in love with your videos and automatically show interest.

4.     No categories included: While uploading your video, you may come across several categories like entertainment, technology, food and travel, and much more. Instead of uploading all your videos in one channel, separate them by categories based on your niche.

Adding categories will help your viewers to find their desired videos easily. This will lessen down their efforts and simultaneously, ease down your YouTube analyzing process. Try this out. It will be a sure hit.  

5.     No sharing on social media: Wait, wait. You have uploaded plenty of videos on your YouTube channel. But what about the social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.?

Remember, maximum users generated on YouTube have their original source on social media. You can drive them to your channel while they are scrolling their timeline or newsfeed. Therefore, you just can’t avoid sharing your video link on social media. It has a lot to do with your video ranking, brand visibility, high traffic, and more viewers.


According to the latest survey, around 2 billion online users worldwide prefer to use this YouTube channel. While 79% of these users have their own YouTube account and channel. Taking the leverage, marketers are finding this channel as the best video marketing zone.

Despite having knowledge about the importance of video marketing on YouTube, marketers make lame mistakes that trigger the business growth downside. So friends, keep an eye on your YouTube analytics, figure out the mistakes, and work accordingly.

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