Major Mistakes While Developing Mobile Apps and How to Overcome Them


We all know that mobile applications are gaining huge popularity these days and it has become a key reason to attract more customers. In this quickly evolving technological sector, it has become mandatory for businesses to survive this digital era, so make sure you are not neglecting it.

In simple terms, the mobile app is a goldmine for your business which helps you to optimize your business processes, marketing efforts, revenue, and much more. Just imagine that you own a mobile app, this means you’re targeting a whole new bunch of users to generate income streams. As the demand for smartphones is increasing, mobile applications have simplified the lives of many people. There are tons of iOS and Android applications available in the market and new apps arriving on the scene daily.

According to a recent survey, around 4+ million mobile apps are accessible on both play stores. And surprisingly, more than 70% of apps are deleted after just one usage. Now you must be wondering what is the reason behind it. The reality is in analyzing the errors that lead to a mobile app’s failure while designing, developing, or testing the application.

In this post, we’re going to discuss a few common mistakes that developers make while building a secure mobile application that you need to take into consideration to avoid during the development phase. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

Major mistakes to avoid while developing mobile apps and how to overcome them

1. Multiple features and functionalities

It is a great idea to have an app with some unique features in it but having all the features in one app is not a smart move. Try to make your app personalized for your company rather than adding a bunch of features and functionalities to it as it can add up to the cost and increase development time. Adding numerous functionalities in one app might distract your users and then they tend to uninstall your app. Also, you’re not sure that adding multiple functionalities to an app can be useful for the customers, and try to make your app simple having only the unique features that are required.

2. Not doing your research

Before business owners decide to build an app, they should do enough research where he/she needs to consider a few factors before building an app like setting goals and objectives at an initial stage. Make sure you’re just not hopping to a conclusion depending on your Google research. Proper research can help your business save tons of money so don’t ignore this stage else you might face some challenges while building an app.

3. Faulty budget estimation

Before you start with your development phase, make sure to set a realistic budget as this is one of the most common mistakes people make while building an app. First, they set faulty and non-realistic budget plans and then face challenges in the development and designing phase. So try to have a non-faulty and realistic budget. Imagine that you are planning to build a custom mobile application for your business, this simply means you have to hire marketing experts and a development team. Also, the development process might take a couple of months or weeks to complete the project based on the features and overall complexity of the project. You can also find other cheaper options available, but there is no guarantee that they will be successful.

4. Improper communication with developers

We all know that communication is one of the most important factors to take into consideration for every efficacious application development project. Make sure you are interacting well with your developers and giving them proper briefings in the beginning. To avoid such confusion, make sure you are explaining what exact features you want in your app so that they only focus on that. You can start by creating sample sketches of the screens and flowcharts so that developers can get a simple idea about it. Take your time, explain each element in the sketch and look at what will happen when users click a particular button. In short, give proper information and briefings about your app and the app’s features to your developers so that they can work effectively on it without any hassle.

5. Failing to build a marketing strategy

Before you spend tons of money and effort in the application development phase, make sure to invest a good amount of time in planning your marketing strategy for desired results. Getting a mobile app built in the first go and reaching out to your audience for app downloads is a whole different thing. We can see huge competition in the app stores as numerous applications are released every day. So build a solid app marketing strategy, research your audience, and socialize your app so that your app stands out from the crowd.

6. Poor UI/UX designing

We get so much indulged in the development phase that we forget to focus on how our app will be used. Ignoring an application’s user interface is a costly mistake. More than 40% of users tend to uninstall applications because of poor UI/UX design. Whenever a user opens an app they have some expectations that the app will look like this and it will work like this, and if their expectations are not fulfilled they might uninstall your app and never come back. So make sure to invest some good time in designing your app’s UI/UX. Give your users a search option, easy navigation, a home button, and some attractive features so that they find your app impressive.

7. Not building cross-platform applications

This is one of the most common mistakes that need to be avoided by the development team. They should always choose a cross-platform strategy to build a mobile app as building an app for a single platform is not advisable. Nowadays we have advanced cross-platform mobile application development tools using while developers can simultaneously develop apps for both iOS and Android. With the increasing demand for cross-platform application development frameworks like PhoneGap, you can build an app for iOS and Android app development using a single codebase and optimize further to please customers.

Key Takeaway

We hope you find this post helpful. After reading this post, make sure you’re not following the same mistakes done by thousands of developers across the world. These are the 7 common mistakes that developers make while building a mobile app and when you build an app make sure to avoid such mistakes to overcome future challenges.

We have also mentioned the solutions to overcome such challenges but if you have anything new to share with us all, we will be happy to know. So don’t hesitate to discuss them in the comment section and expand our knowledge. Do you still have any queries running in your head? If yes, please feel free to mention them in the comment box given below and we will get back to you soon!