Best Monsoon Treks In India

Chembra Peak Trek, Kerala

The Chembra Trek leads to the highest peak of Wayanad and makes for an amazing monsoon trek in Kerala A dream trail through mist and cloud covered cliffs, green tea plantations and a tower watch, all giving way to the perfect climax – the heart shaped lake Chembra.b It is recommended to start early in the morning as the 7km trek takes about six hours without counting the extra hour to the watchtower and both to the lake. There are a number of snacks available at base camp, it is advisable to bring your own snacks.

The Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

The Valley of Flowers trek in Uttarakhand is an easy to moderate trek that offers a rare access to the Himalayas from Uttarakhand with a flower-covered valley section.It is also an ideal trek for beginners, including families and children. The Valley of Flowers is endowed with the rare and exotic flora of the Himalayas. The Valley of Flowers is a bouquet of natural flowers that is peacefully located in the western Uttarakhand region. You can witness Himalayas, bridges, glaciers and waterfalls along the trail. This breathtaking piece of nature is an Indian national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site with lush meadows full of endemic alpine flowers and a diverse fauna in this valley. You also have the option to choose the highest point Hemkund Sahib pilgrimage site. 

The Great Lakes of Kashmir, Kashmir

The Great Lakes of Kashmir Trek offers a hiking trail like no other and leaves you wondering what to do. The incomparable beauty of 7 alpine lakes will take your breath away day after day. Especially in the monsoon season, it gives you the opportunity to trek on flower-filled trails that open up 360-degree panoramic views of green meadows, towering snow-capped peaks, and pristine mountain lakes. The Kashmiri Great Lakes in Jammu and Kashmir should be at the top of yours 

Harishchandragad, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

This mountain fortress is located in the Western Ghats, about 140 km from Pune and Mumbai. There are three ways to climb the fortress: through Khireshwar village, the preferred and most scenic route; via Nalichi Vaat, the most difficult route; and the city of Pachnai, the simplest of the three.

Markha Valley Trek, Himachal Pradesh

Valley is a cultural retreat in the Land of Flame. It is an opportunity for you to experience the culture in the mountains of Leh. Enjoy homestay at Markha Village, the largest village in the Markha Valley with an ancient temple and ruined fortress. The highest altitude you climb on this trek is 5200 meters at Kongmaru La, where you have the wonderful view of the Zanskar and Karakoram mountains.

Mullayanagiri Hills, Karnataka

Trek the beautiful trails of the Mullayanagiri Hills and explore the makeup of the flora and fauna that make the place an undisputed choice. The trail takes you back in time to the excellent 17th century that can be traced back to Sinhagad and is an ideal getaway. We miss a full perspective on moving green slopes with unnecessary fog and clouds! Likewise, the glorious sunrises and sunsets that this trek offers are truly extraordinary.