Most Effective Features About Pix link wifi repeater

Pix link wifi repeater gives you wide wifi coverage, having four external antennas, it gives the greatly enhanced wifi coverage and it allows you to enjoy the wireless freedom anywhere around or your home or office. Its High transmission rate is about 300 Mbps to generate powerful and stable wifi signals. It can be easily set up by simply plugging the wireless extender into a standard wall outlet and then set up on any smartphone, laptop or tablet and its WPS system boosts up the wifi signal in minutes.

Its unique design and professional security can easily be integrated into your home because the wifi range extender is small in size and a high-quality product at a reasonable price. It continuously works for 24 hours and gives you a reliable signal.

Features of Pix link wifi repeater

The Pix link wifi repeater provides the 5GHz and 2.4GHz Dual Band Wifi network. It provides you with the access point, gateways or more. It has some features that describe the product in a more relevant way are as follows:-

Easy setup:

The Pix-link setup is easy to install and use. Its wall-mounted design makes it easy to install and move around easily, its size does not occupy more space because it is small in size. The easy setup allows you to manage network settings, media sharing preferences on any Android or Windows device.

Long Range coverage:

Its four external antennas and boost the coverage area upto 50m and it extends more. It establishes the network between the repeater and the router. Its long ethernet cable connects the repeater to the adapter and the smaller ethernet cord connects the adapter to the internet port on the back of the router.

High speed:

Its Wifi extender provides you with a 5GHz Wifi speed of up to 300 Mbps and strengthens your wireless signal by eliminating the dead area with existing WiFi network coverage.

Reliable Signal:

Its four external antennas enhance the wireless signal and provide you with a reliable and stable signal.

Thermal Management:

The WiFi repeater has two sides and both sides equipped with vents that cool the repeater while it’s working and improves the lifespan and stable the wireless network.


●     The Frequency Range of the Pix link WiFi repeater is .4GHz.

●     Its Wireless Link Rate is Up to 300Mbps

●     The Standards of the wireless signal is IEEE 0.11b/g/n

●     The Port: function has 1 x WAN 1 x LAN Port.

Troubleshooting Tips for Pix link WiFi repeater issue

  • If your Pix-link WiFi repeater is not working, then you can disconnect the unnecessary connecting devices from your repeater to fix the pix link that keeps disconnecting issue.
  • You can also reset your WiFi repeater, in order to reset your WiFi repeater press the reset button for 10 seconds, then switch it back on and then release it. This will reset all the previous settings and will allow you to modify them
  • In case your WiFi repeater is on the same network then check your repeater’s SSID and see if another similar network is available by using another device like phones, tablets or laptops. To change these settings, you will need to access the IP address by using your PC’s browser.
  • If there is any hardware issue like no LED is on (exception case) then either the device is broken or the charger power outlet has an issue. Otherwise, you can check the power outlet with another device to see if it’s working properly.

Or if there is a hardware issue with the repeater then you can send it or service or buy the new one if the guarantee has expired

Review of Pix-Link repeater

The setup is really simple and I’m very happy with this repeater. I bought it to get a better signal on the back of the house and in the 1st bedroom. So first I put it in the 1st bedroom. The signal showed a poor connection so I installed it in the adjacent room and now I have great receptions in both the rooms and the back of the house. Really amazed with the product.

Thus, the great benefit of the Pix link WiFi repeater is that it provides you with the point to point systems and offers you a better connection in areas with free internet.