Explore Mount Abu with Shri Nakoda Tours

With its stunning temples and immaculate lakes, Mount Abu offers a never-ending supply of attractions. Anyone who likes history or the outdoors will feel at home in the tranquility of this tiny hill station. Using a taxi service in Udaipur for a special weekend is a fantastic way to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Whether it’s wildlife viewing at the lesser-known Bera or a Relaxing stay at Jawai, these modest hidden treasures offer a great hideaway in the center of nature. Hire a taxi in Udaipur, you might make a quick side trip to one of the breathtaking places close to Mount Abu to further increase how much you appreciate the adventure.

Dilwara temple

Dilwara, which is recognised for its exceptional architecture and magnificent marble stone sculptures, is one of the greatest Jain temples. From the outside, it looks to be a highly significant temple, making it one of Mount Abu’s top attractions. But, each cloud has a positive aspect.

The temple inside displays the incredible human craftsmanship that went into making it. These temples, which have exquisite, unequaled marble stone carvings, were constructed during the eleventh and thirteenth centuries AD. This was accomplished when Mount Abu’s elevation of more than 1200 meters made it impossible to access roads or vehicles.

Elephants were used to carry large marble stone chunks from the Arasuri Hills in Ambaji to this far-flung, rough section of Mount Abu. The Dilwara Temples are another popular Jain travel attraction. One of the top tourist destinations in Mount Abu is this area.

Achal Garh

The great medieval sites and tourist destinations of Mount Abu, which is located in the Thar desert of Rajasthan, India, are AchalGarh, also known as Achalgarh. Rana Kumbha, a renowned architect who was in charge of several massive defenses in Southern Rajasthan, erected it. Achalgarh and Mount Abu are closely connected by roads and are only 8 kilometers apart.  Book the Udaipur to mount abu taxi service from Shri NAkoda tours offering you the best sightseeing view throughout the route.

Around the AchalGarh fort are enormous parapet barriers. It is situated at the highest point of a mountain crest and offers stunning views all year long. AchalGarh is located at the highest point of a perilous twisting path, with maintained dividers enclosing the temples and posts from the fourteenth century. Grand posts onto the open space are provided by these reinforced barriers.

Nakki lake

One of the greatest sites to visit in Mount Abu is the interesting Nakki Lake, which is adorned with countless qualities. It is the largest man-made lake in India and is located at an elevation of 11,00 meters, but it is also known as the Love Lake of Mount Abu and is considered sacred by the proud Garacia tribe.

When they celebrate Shukla Paksha in April, the latter group goes to the lake to pay respect to, remember, and dedicate their nails to their ancestors. The lake is around one-quarter mile long and one-half mile broad.

Wildlife sanctuary

One of the must-see places in the tiny community is the gorgeous Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, which has a high level of biodiversity. The sanctuary serves as the starting point for various picturesque viewpoint points. It is one of the oldest parts of the Mount Abu mountain range. In order to safeguard the indigenous fauna and flora, it was designated as a natural sanctuary in 1960, and as a result, it is a popular ecotourism destination. If you want to enjoy a thrilling adventure and view the best wildlife in Rajasthan in its natural habitat, this is the place to go.

The Guru Shikhar summit in the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, regarded to be the highest peak in the Aravalli range highlands, rises from 300 meters to 1722 meters over its 288-kilometer path. Because of damage caused by wind and water, rock types in the wildlife reserve have big holes in them. Those who appreciate the outdoors & animals will find this place to be soothing to the senses. As well, the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is notable due to the stunning beauty and tranquility it offers in contrast to the busy city life.

Guru shikhar peak

The highest point in the whole Aravalli Mountain Range and in Mount Abu is the Guru Shikhar Peak, which is situated inside the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. Guru Shikhar is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mount Abu because it offers amazing panoramic views of the area. While in this area, one may also go to the well-known Guru Dattatreya temple, which was thought to be the combined incarnation of the Hindu gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

To get to the summit of Guru Shikhar, you must ascend 300 stairs from the entryway. Even if the climb is strenuous, the breathtaking view at the summit will make you feel alive as soon as you reach the top. On top of it, there is a space observatory. Hence, the Rajasthani or Guru Shikhar is a haven from the monotony of everyday life. Consequently, seeing this location might give one a new perspective.

Summing Up

To make the most of your vacation, explore the stunning locations in Mount Abu and partake in some of the entertaining and thrilling activities. Plan a trip to Mount Abu, the mountainous getaway, now that you have a list of the top things to do there. Check out some of the Udaipur to mount Abu taxi that Shri Nakoda Tours has to offer. You may also look at some helpful tips for organizing your ideal vacation.


  • Which season is ideal for visiting Mount Abu?

The months of November through February are ideal for visiting Mount Abu.

  • What is the most secure way to get to Mount Abu from Udaipur?

The safest option could be to use a taxi service from Udaipur because the skilled driver is familiar with all the routes.

  • Which taxi company offers the finest service to get to Mount Abu from Udaipur?

The best way to see Mount Abu is through Shri Nakoda Tours, a reputable  taxi company in Udaipur.

  • Is a trip to Mount Abu worthwhile?

The Hill of Wisdom is the nickname for Mount Abu. It is one of the most romantic locations in Rajasthan to visit.

  • How long does a journey to Mount Abu take?

It will take around 3–4 days to thoroughly visit Mount Abu.