Free Method to Move/Shift/Save Eudora MBOX Files/Folder to MS Outlook.

Users often ask queries such as “Can Outlook open MBOX files?” Sadly, MBOX files are not supported by MS Outlook. Email Apps like Mozilla Thunderbird, IncrediMail, Apple Mail, Spicebird, Opera Mail, SeaMonkey, and others frequently use the MBOX file type. The MBOX file must be converted to PST format if users wish to change from Thunderbird, Apple Mail, or any other email client that supports MBOX to MS Outlook. Here, we’ll go over each procedure. Let’s first talk about why we must do this conversion, though, before proceeding on.

How can I manually and professionally add MBOX to Outlook?

We will now discover the most effective techniques for performing MBOX-to-Outlook conversions. Below are the three primary techniques: Now let’s examine the first approach.

Method 1: Use Outlook’s Drag & Drop feature to open an MBOX file.

Utilizing an MBOX file in Outlook is a pretty simple process. There are just four stages in this procedure. Let’s look at how to use Outlook to open an MBOX file. The procedures to convert an MBOX file to PST format are as follows:.

  • In order to access the MBOX file, install and launch Microsoft Outlook.
  • Run Thunderbird, choose the email folder, and then save the file in EML format after that.
  • Next, create a new folder in Outlook and import the selected emails.
  • Drag and drop locally saved EML files into Microsoft Outlook.
  • You may import the MBOX file into Microsoft Outlook with ease by following the preceding procedure.

If you don’t think this technique is helpful, you should use the second one. Let’s start by going over the second method for importing an MBOX file into an Outlook PST file.

Step 2: Use an email client to import MBOX files into Outlook.

We are breaking this procedure into three sections because it can be a little bit longer. Let’s begin by going over how to import an MBOX file into an Outlook PST in each section.

Section 1: MBOX Export to Eudora

In this section, we’ll convert MBOX files to Outlook PST files using Eudora.

  • Launch and install Eudora. Make sure the same system has Microsoft Outlook installed.
  • The MBOX file should now be copied and pasted into Eudora’s default location.
  • Next, convert the dot MBOX file format to dot MBX.

Part 2: Outlook Express to Eudora Conversion

The file will now be exported from Eudora to Outlook Express.

  • Launch Outlook Express, then choose File from the menu.
  • Select Import and then Import Messages now.
  • Select Eudora from the email client selection and click the Next button.
  • Navigate to the “.MBOX” file in Eudora’s default directory, click OK, then pick Next and Next before selecting Finish.

Part 3: Outlook Express Import into Outlook

  • Eventually, the conversion process will be completed, converting our file to an Outlook PST format.
  • After starting Microsoft Outlook, select File > Import and Export.
  • Click Next after selecting Import Internet Mail and Addresses in the Import-Export wizard.
  • From the list, choose Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, or window mail, then click the Next button.
  • Next, choose the option “Do not import duplicate items” by browsing through Outlook Express, and then hit the Next button.
  • Select the destination to import the MBOX file and complete the procedure.

The two manual methods for utilizing the MBOX file in Outlook were covered in the section above. Let’s talk about how to convert MBOX files into PST files.

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Get the last thoughts,

Users can learn the two techniques to convert Eudora MBOX to PST. Let’s continue now that we understand what MBOX files are and why you should import them into Outlook. We have also discussed the two manual procedures and the one expert way. While all of the methods are great, I suggest using the expert technique, as it makes the conversion process go more smoothly and swiftly. You can also learn how to convert MBOX files to PST by reading this blog.

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