October 1, 2022

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Basic Things You Need for A Music Studio

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electronic drum kit

So, if you are a music enthusiast one of the things that you’d really love is to be in a music studio and record stuff or perform. But for those who would want to record and really has a passion for producing music, one of the ways around it is through building one’s own music studio. How does a person make their own studio? And what instruments and stuff are needed to do so? Here are some of the answers to those questions. 

Computer Setup

Basically, you need a computer set up for that because you need to have the recorded music and sound digitally so that you can tinker with it edit it and make it better. Unprocessed acoustic music sounds awful and it would take a lot of tinkering in the edit portion to make it sound better and that with quality. The computer spec is quite a work to build, you’d have to have at least an i5 to have a smooth processing PC complete with Cd and DVD writers, printers, and all other accessories that you might need in a sound booth. 

Recording Microphone

Aside from the computer setup, you would also have to have a microphone with all other cables and adapters for your setup. The mic and all other instruments will be connected to the computer for editing and recording purposes. Your microphone should be one that is of high quality and is meant for recording. A common misconception is that any microphone would do, but basically no, you needed a mic with a condenser to record quality sound. 

Basic Instruments

You also have to buy those instruments that you need for those studios. Basic instruments like guitars, bass, keyboards, because a piano would be too big, and an electronic drum kit. To say the least electronic drums are a lot more convenient to assemble and move around and it costs just the same as non-electronic drums.  


So basically, you have to set a place for where the studio is to be built. Now you can have here the recording and the playing of instruments in the same room, or you could have a separate panel for recording and play, but in both options, you really have to put up a soundproofing wall and other means to negate the echo in the room and also a soundproofing wall would also mean that you will not be disturbing the neighbors when you start rehearsing or recording. 

Audio Workstation

Lastly are the audio workstations. Yes, you already have the computer to start with that, but an audio workstation is a digital program where you can work on your editing it is where you collate the sound files and bring them together to create a wonderful masterpiece from the raw recording that you did with the band. This app or program should be easy to use and has great quality output. 

So basically, if you really want to make a studio from scratch, you’d have to save up for that. The thing is music studios do not come cheap; thus, you’d have to save up if you want it to happen. 

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