5 Must-Try Ice Cream Flavours To Try Before The Season Ends

Ever thought of frozen delights that will transport you to a world of pure bliss? Indeed, an ice cream scoop can transport you to the unique journey of vibrant hues, giving you an unforgettable experience. From the classic vanilla milk flavours to intriguing Charcoal ice cream, a place like Nexus Select  CITYWALK offers it all in one place. Whether you crave the rich double chocolate fudge on your gloomy days or a cup of sugar-free ice cream, these sweet serving parlours have covered all your quirky flavour needs.


A velvety symphony of rich, buttery sweetness with a decadent taste is what caramel ice cream sounds like.  Whether enjoyed on its own or as a delectable companion to your favourite desserts, this caramel ice cream is a delight from Baskin Robbins. Believe it or not, nothing is better than having an ice cream with a hint of salt and caramel infused with it. 


Ever thought of a vegan ice cream? that, too, chocolate vegan ice cream? Look no further, Keventers in Saket, Nexus Select CITYWALK has got you covered. Here, each creamy scoop unveils an intense, bittersweet flavour that dances on your palate, leaving you craving for more. Keventers promises to create extraordinary deserts without compromising one’s health. 


All the dry fruit lovers look no further, FOM DRY FRUIT OVERLOAD from Nirulas in Nexus Select CITYWALK serves your palate’s needs. Filled with energy, Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat, this ice cream flavour provides health with taste. Nirulas provide us with the perk of getting both health and taste together, catering to all our needs.


This festive season, lighten your party with this quirky showstopper flavour from Baskin Robbins. It is a perfect blend of our comfort delights. Carrot Halwa and ice cream, when combined together, create a flavour explosion in your mouth. One can avail of this unique flavour by searching Baskins Robbins near me.


The classic butterscotch ice cream, but in a sugar-free version? YES, Gelato Vinto in Nexus Select CITYWALK has got you covered. The delectable and guilt-free version of the classic butterscotch delight is a dream come true for all health-conscious people out there. Why miss out on your childhood favourites when you can easily avail and enjoy them without any added guilt.

Whether it’s rich double chocolate fudge or sugar-free options, the world of frozen delights that transport you to pure bliss at  Nexus Select CITYWALK, from classic vanilla to intriguing Charcoal ice cream, they’ve got it all. Baskin Robbins offers a velvety Snickers Caramel ice cream with a hint of salt, while Keventers serves a Dark Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream, satisfying both flavour and health cravings. Nirula’s FOM – Dry Fruit Overload combines health and taste, and Baskin Robbins presents a quirky Carrot Halwa Sundae. Gelato Vinto provides a guilt-free, Sugar-Free Butterscotch Crunch Ice Cream, so you can enjoy your childhood favourite without guilt.

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