Nasal Retractors and Their Uses

nasal retractors uses

Surgical instruments feature an extensive range of categories, divided according to specialties. However, quite a few times, an instrument is available in quite a few sizes and variations to cater to a specific surgical category. One such instrument is the surgical retractor, which plays a crucial role in each surgery. 

Surgical retractors assist surgeons and paramedical staff in an operating room in retracting an incision and wound during the procedure. They are used to pull over an underlying area to give a better picture of a wound. As a result, they can access it better. 

Retractors play an essential role in each surgery. In the present day, they are available in several shapes, sizes, and designs. For example, surgeons use nasal retractors in critical surgeries to better navigate deep and minimally-open cavities in nasal areas. 

Nasal retractors help in better visibility, which benefits both patients and surgeons. In the checklist of medical supplies, nasal retractors are also available in quite a few sizes, shapes, and designs that cater to the surgeons flawlessly. 

A few nasal retractors are mentioned below, along with their uses, please give it a read!

Aufricht Nasal Retractor:

Aufricht nasal retractor is crafted uniquely for rhinoplasty procedures. It holds back the nostrils to provide better visualization during the process. 

Surgeons use aufricht nasal retractors and hooks to treat nasal diseases. For example, the devices help surgeons pull back soft tissues like the nasal ala in rhinoplasty. As a result, it exposes the nose cavity so you can repair fractures and deviations that result from trauma or disease. 

Converse Nasal Retractors:

The converse nasal retractor has a concave shape blade for increased exposure. It has an ergonomically long handle design and a curve end for finger hold. This gives an in-depth view of the body structure for surgeons to treat. The blade ends with a blunt edge, which helps pull tissues back without damaging them.

Freeman Flap Retractor:

Freeman flap retractor is commonly used in breast reconstruction surgeries and the augmentation process. It features a deep-set blade, which, when combined with an ergonomic handle, gives extra leverage during the procedure where tissue exposure is required. The freeman flap retractor is available in multiple sizes depending on surgical needs. 

Maliniac Nasal Retractor:

Maliniac nasal retractor is a valuable and powerful tool used in plastic and ENT surgeries. The blade is in a concave shape that offers an extra operative space to surgeons. Secondly, the ergonomic handle lessens the fatigue, while the finger grip frees the surgeon’s hand. This is quite a benefit to surgeons, particularly during long surgeries.

Surgical instruments, including nasal retractors, are crafted while keeping intricate details in mind. They are manufactured with German stainless steel, which offers durability, keeping it safe from corrosion and other environmental hazards. Nasal retractors are reusable once they go through the process of sterilization. 

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