December 9, 2021

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New advanced techniques in industrial automation

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During the industrial revolution, the foundation was laid for a view in which processes can be carried out faster and more efficiently. Emphasis was placed on a more pragmatic operation of systems. These systems are the basis that entrepreneurs and other production players have seized to be able to do mass production today. Another perspective that the industrial revolution has brought about is that it has created room for even more steps towards improvement in the future. This improvement is more noticeable in today’s industrial automation. In any case, this has brought benefits.

Industrial automation has everything to do with automating processes and machines, which means that production processes function at an accelerated pace. In line with this, we can mention in the same breath the facilitation itself.

With the facilitation process, the emphasis is placed on activating processes that are initiated at the push of a button. In short, nowadays much fewer actions are required to operate. This also makes it possible to incur less costs in the various facets of a production process.

Smart software

Apart from speeding up processes, industrial automation has also made it possible to use smart software. In most cases, this software is built up very precisely and the data that is stored there is in a very safe place, where hackers have a hard time getting the chance to strike.

There is also a question of better-quality material that is used for the software. On the other hand, it is also a matter of low power consumption, because it all has to do with a smart character.

Because entrepreneurs can benefit from the many advantages that this industrial automation entails, this trickles down to consumers who can purchase services and products cheaply.

The benefits of automation

The first advantage has already been more or less indicated in the previous section and that is that consumers can capitalize on automation by purchasing services and/or products cheaply. On the other hand, more and more starting entrepreneurs are getting a fair chance to implement their business plan on the free market.

Governments worldwide also benefit greatly from a healthy economy, which is in line with the fact that society is able to purchase cheap products. It is very likely that in the future automation will also ensure that a certain guideline will develop for a healthy economy.

The new techniques that are being applied are in any case a step in the right direction. If you are planning to get a company off the ground, it is certainly a good initiative to ensure that you analyze the place of automation within your company, in order to give it a place.

An integral solution thanks to industrial automation

You have come to the right place for an integrated engineering solution. As a system integrator, we are able to offer you an integrated solution like no other. We effortlessly program the components needed to automate your factory as efficiently as possible.

Process Optimization

An analysis of your existing installations, feasibility studies for your new installations or an overall analysis of your production process? Our knowledge and expertise will help you further. The advantage for you? Through our experience we know how the practice works. We take the process optimization of your production and packaging lines as our starting point. When parts are not yet automated, we first make a functional design. We look at what the installation should or should not do and what should happen if something goes wrong.


We work with different standards, but you will not get a standard solution. A tailor-made plan is fully tailored to your wishes and needs. By having the plan validated by you in the meantime, we come to a tailor-made solution together. The standards with which we work flexibly make customization possible.


Our experienced engineers will work with that custom-made, standardized solution. They design the hardware and software for the control systems of your machines and process installations. This is specifically aimed at your production process and requires customization. A good design of hardware and software directly contributes to the optimization of your machines and processes. We write the software with integration options for smart industry.

panel building

Our engineers have completed the design. Our panel builders then build the design according to the applicable regulations. They assemble and wire the control boxes as the engineers designed them. The control box is then ready for installation in your factory.


The work at your location is carried out by our technicians. They take care of the installation and commissioning of control and power panels, sensors and necessary cabling. The result? A turnkey solution.


You optimize your production environment with our vision systems. Do you want to increase your capacity or efficiency or are you looking for real-time quality control? We are happy to take a look with you. We use our vision systems for:

Making robotic solutions smarter.

A quality control with cameras, for example:

error checking in packaging/assembly;

counting products and/or parts;

measuring distance, length, thickness and width;

detection of transparent objects;

surface control.

Reading codes, barcodes and labels.

Automation tasks.

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