Office cleaning in summer

Office cleaning in summer

When planning an office cleaning, summer may be the best time for offices that are downsizing at this time of year. It is the occasion to carry out a deep cleaning and prepare all the facilities again to start the new work season with impeccable offices. Why bet on a cleaning on these dates? There are a multitude of reasons.

Reasons to take advantage of the summer for an office cleaning

For companies that meet one or more of the characteristics listed, summer can be a good time for a deep cleaning of the office.

1. Reduction of staff or closure in summer

Even if it is only a closure of a few days, it is enough to be able to carry out an intensive cleaning. If the company does not close, but there is a reduction in staff because employees take turns going on vacation, it is also feasible to carry out the cleaning, since it can be planned in a way that does not disturb the work areas.

2. Improve the image of the company

In reality, cleaning should never be neglected. Having shiny surfaces, a pleasant-smelling environment, a general sense of hygiene and order makes a positive impression on customers. Deep cleaning is the basis for the periodic cleanings that will be necessary later (and that require little effort) to maintain this image.

3. Enrich the work environment

Arriving in a pleasant and safe place can greatly improve the performance of workers. If they have to be attentive to their hygiene, fear insects or dislike touching some surfaces, it will deteriorate their concentration and increase fatigue. On the contrary, a pleasant smell, the sensation of freshness, the guarantee of hygiene… relaxes while concentrating, prolonging the “feeling of vacation” that does not mean being more idle, but more motivated to do things well.

4. Fewer tasks in winter

A deep cleaning guarantees not to have to waste time carrying out it later, which would interrupt or hinder the work in important periods of the company. After this general cleaning, you will only have to worry about simpler and short-term tasks, such as the surfaces of common areas, bathrooms and the like.

What is a deep summer cleaning?

What is special about this cleaning to be done in a period when there are fewer workers? This is a summer cleaning:

  • To reach every corner, it is necessary to move furniture, tables, computers … this is much easier and less annoying when the staff of the area to be cleaned is not present.
  • They clean objects such as blinds or signs, which do not need to be cleaned as often, but help to give a good image.
  • Special treatments are applied to improve aesthetics (polishing, polishing, etc.), deepen hygiene (if necessary, fumigation) and even marks such as graffiti can be removed.
  • The air conditioning ducts are cleaned or serviced, which increases the durability of these devices and prevents health problems.
  • If the place has a kitchen, it is also recommended at this time to clean all the appliances, utensils and dishes that, although they are washed periodically, it does not hurt to undergo disinfection.