5 Methods Used by Panel Beaters to Remove Dents Caused by Hails

Hail makes an appearance, that can make people cry from within or on the outside if the damage is an extensive one as in this country there are weather extremities every now and then while hail makes an appearance. A hail storm here means the raining of golf-like balls from the sky. It can cause a considerable amount of damage if these golf ball pieces of raining ice hit your precious car. Here only the best panel beaters can come to your rescue.

It is not normally irreparable with the damages that are caused by these hail storms. There are a few different methods that can be used to get your car panels back to their normal shape as a matter of fact. Some of the methods involve the DIY videos that you can find on the YouTube with the use of hairdryers, sun exposure, and dry ice. 

But you need to keep in mind that none of the methods are a useful one. The professional skills and expertise of a panel beater will not fall into your hands when you pick up a tool that you can remember.

Hiring a professional panel beater to get the job done contrary to the popular belief does not cost an arm and a leg is the final option. You will also be having an added bonus of your car being returned in top condition is what you should be happy about. But, which is the best way to fix your car that is damaged by hail?

To repair the hail damage, each of which is dependent on how serious the damage to your car is, there are few different methods that can be used as follows:

Finish Glazing – When the damage is a smaller one, this is the technique that is used. To make sure that the glaze putty sticks properly, the paint is sanded lightly. The surface will then be cleaned with the help of compressed air.

Cleaning the surface with the wax and degreaser is what involved here. A thin coat of finish glaze is then painted onto the smaller dents and your car will be back to its original position again once this is all complete.

Traditional Repair – The repair body filler is generally used and this needs the paint to be sanded all the way down to the metal and this is something that is quite similar to the finish glazing technique. 

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) – If you are looking to fix a dent, this is the most common, cost-effective, and a sustainable way. For the areas where the damage is to parts not easily removed such as the roof or quarter panels, this is something that is quite good. The panel beater will beat them from behind the dent so as to leave the paint undamaged.

Removal and Replacement – The only solution involved here is in removing and replacing the parts/panels that have been affected at times as the hail damage is a lot more severe.

Traditional Heat Repair – In instances where the dent is large or the car made of thicker metal, this would be used. To reshape the metal by heating the metal around the dent, it is essentially using heat. 

To shape the heated metal back to its original shape, this then allows the panel beater to get this done. All that is left is to prime it and paint it, once the metal has completely cooled.

Dents on your vehicle can occur due to several things and hail being one of them. The car can look quite damaged and aesthetically downtrodden due to the dents for which it is better to head out to the professional panels beaters who can help resolve the dents on the vehicles. 

You can now make your car look like a new one without any dents and aesthetically highly advanced than before. It is the right thing for you to do!

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