Choosing The Perfect Pool Lights For Your Swimming Pool Area

These days, many people own a swimming pool in their backyard. People use it for swimming exercises and refreshments or relaxing purposes. But the view around the pool hugely differs between day and night. That’s why you should have swimming pool wall lighting to glow up the area during evening and night time. These wall lights help you see during your swimming sessions in the evening and night.

Pool wall lightings also help increase the attractiveness of the swimming pool area that makes you enjoy the soothing environment. Therefore, you can enjoy your swimming time during the night as well; that too more efficiently and with a more relaxing effect in the presence of wall lights. 

Why Do People Use Wall Lights In The Pool?

Owning a swimming pool is not that simple, and there are specific steps and regulations to maintain it. One of these includes the appearance of your swimming pool, and pool wall lighting makes a severe impact on it. Not only does it help in illuminating your pool during evening and night, but it also makes the atmosphere more appealing and soothing. Simply put, the presence of pool wall lights act as an addition to the ambience of your pool area. Adding wall lighting to your swimming pool area is essential. Thus, proper execution of the lights is very important. 

Types Of Pool Wall Lights

As you know, pool wall lighting is a mandatory element in your swimming pool installation if you want to enhance the beauty of the place. Additionally, these lights create an atmosphere in the night that works as a booster to your night swimming sessions.. That’s why there are different kinds of wall lights for you to choose from, and each one of those is unique in its way. 

LED Pool Lights –

Perhaps, this is the most common type of pool light. This kind of light is more luminous while it consumes a minimal amount of energy compared to other lights. These lights have the highest longevity, and thus one can use them for a long time. 

Halogen Pool Lights –

This is also one of the most popular swimming pool wall lightings. It contains halogen gas inside to operate at a high temperature; even inside the smaller bulbs. One can also use this for a very long amount of time. 

Incandescent Pool Lights –

These lights are a bit backdated, but still, many people use these. These lights mainly emit a yellow shade of light due to the heating of the filament inside. 

Fiberoptic Pool Lights –

These lights are one of the most convenient lights to install and maintain. The main factor of maintaining any light includes changing the bulbs frequently. It is not the case with these as the power source, and the light bulb is placed far from that area. 

Choosing Wall Lights For Your Swimming Pool

Installing pool wall lighting in your pool area is a necessary factor. That is the exact reason for which there are several options there. Although, people tend to get overwhelmed by too many options available in the lightings.  While choosing the lights, keep in mind that they must enhance the overall ambience and need to be long lasting as well. There are a ton of options involving luminosity, colour, and efficiency. You must choose the one that matches your swimming pool ambience best. 

Before you install the wall lights, you should choose the colour of the lights. The primary but brilliant choice is white light that gives enough visibility. You can also select multi-colour light-changing bulbs for a more attractive look. The number of lights you install also plays an essential part.  Although, the number depends on the size of your pool and adjacent.


There are certain things to keep in mind while selecting your pool wall lighting. Considering the luminosity, longevity, and colour of the light is very important. Installing wall lights in your pool area boosts up the ambience and gives you the perfect swimming experience during the evening and night as well.