Periods Start After Abortion – What To Know

To terminate an unwanted/unplanned pregnancy, females for an abortion clinic in Delhi or their locality. Before having pregnancy termination, they have certain queries on periods after abortion in their mind. As a female, you may have such questions in your mind. To assist you in this regard, here are some queries with useful information. 

What are abortion options to terminate an unwanted pregnancy?

There are generally two options for termination of pregnancy: medical abortion and surgical abortion. A medical abortion is a procedure that involves a combination of drugs to help remove the endometrium. You can choose up to 9 weeks from the start of your last period and see your doctor more than once if needed. About 95-97% safe. It can also cause severe nausea and convulsions.

An abortion, on the other hand, is a procedure in which the surgeon empties the uterus via suction. You can select up to 14 weeks after the start of your last period. In some cases, your doctor may advise you at 20/24 weeks of pregnancy. It usually requires 1 visit and is 98% effective. And it can cause mild cramps.

When Do Periods Start After Abortion?

The menstrual cycle usually returns 4-6 weeks after an abortion. However, it may take longer for some women. When menstruation resumes after an abortion can be influenced by a variety of factors, including the method of abortion, hormonal imbalance, stress, and individual differences in reproductive anatomy and physiology.

Things To Remember About Bleeding After Medical/Surgical Abortion

After a surgical abortion procedure, there is usually heavy, no, or irregular bleeding for several weeks. After a medical abortion, more bleeding is considered normal than after a surgical abortion. Some tissue may come out during bleeding, which usually lasts for several days. It may take some time before the regular period begins. It may take longer for your body to recover from the abortion process or expel pregnancy hormones.

You may also miss your period if you suffer from stress and depression.

Changes In The Menstrual Cycle After An Abortion

There may be some changes in the menstrual cycle after an abortion. If you have had an abortion, your first period may be light. Unlike normal periods, it may last only a few days. However, if you experience heavy bleeding over an unusually few days, see your doctor.

If you have had an abortion through medical means, you may have heavy menstruation.

Your menstrual cycle may be different from normal after an abortion. You may now experience some pregnancy symptoms such as painful cramps, large blood clots or back pain, swollen breasts and fatigue. These changes may last for several menstrual cycles. After an abortion, menstruation is likely to be irregular. For example, you may experience light bleeding 2 weeks after your period. Abnormalities can occur due to the presence of pregnancy hormones in the body.

What Should You Do If Your Menstruation Is Abnormal?

Abrupt termination of pregnancy can wreak havoc on the body and it may take time for pregnancy hormones to clear and return to a normal cycle. The presence of pregnancy hormones in the body can cause certain changes or delays in the menstrual cycle or cause irregular periods after an abortion.

During the first period after an abortion, depending on the type of abortion, heavy or light bleeding may occur along with blood clots and cramps. This is the body’s way of discarding any remaining tissue and pregnancy products. You may experience this over the next few menstrual cycles.

Tips For Taking Care Of Yourself After An Abortion

Abortion can affect women physically and psychologically. Therefore, it is very important to take care of your health after an abortion for a full recovery.

Some useful tips are:

  • Get plenty of rest and eat a healthy diet
  • Seek emotional support from family and friends to help you cope with the situation
  • Avoid unprotected sex with your partner
  • Get regular checkups and follow up with your doctor
  • Do not lift heavy objects
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for the time being


Abortion, whether it is medical or surgical, done under a highly skilled and experienced doctor is completely safe. Having an idea about abortion options, period starting, changes in the menstrual cycle, etc. is highly helpful. It will help you have a peace of mind while terminating your unwanted pregnancy.

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