Places To Visit During Summer In Dubai

There are numerous places to visit in Dubai during the summer season. The city is a hub of fun and exciting places to visit. It is also known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city offers many breathtaking views that are perfect for capturing some memorable experiences on your next trip. In this article we will provide you with a list of fun places to visit during summer in Dubai, so you can enjoy the best time of your life here.

Legoland Water Park

If you are traveling with kids, this park is an ideal choice. It has many water rides for kids, including a wave pool, lazy river and rapids. The water playground is also very fun for children of all ages! The park does not only have rides but there is also the slide for adults which go down from the top of the mountain. A perfect place to beat the heat with water. 

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is one of the most popular winter activities in Dubai, as it is one of the largest indoor ski resorts in the world. The mountain is located at Mall of the Emirates, and there are over 40 runs to choose from. It’s open year round (except for a few days during Ramadan), so even if you can’t make it out to the mountains this summer, Ski Dubai will be waiting for you when you come back!

Dubai Miracle Garden

The Dubai Miracle Garden is a beautiful place to visit with your family. It’s a small park, and  the flowers are gorgeous! You can find many different types of plants, trees and bushes here, including orchids and roses. The miracle garden tickets are available on online portal sites that allow to skip the line and experience the nature’s beauty. This is the world’s largest floral attraction, with over 8 million flowers on display.  

Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium is located on the Jumeirah Beach Road in Dubai. It’s a perfect place to visit during the summer season.

What to see and do: The aquarium features two main areas, one for kids and another for grownups. There are over 1,000 animals housed at this aquarium including dolphins, sea lions, penguins and sharks. There are also displays that show you how they train their dolphins. The best part is that you can get up close with these animals by going on an underwater tour where you’ll swim alongside them in a small pool! If you don’t want to swim yourself, then sit back and relax as an instructor will take care of everything else for you!

How much does it cost? Tickets start from AED 95 for children aged 4 years old and below (including infants), Dhs200 for children aged 5-12 years old; Dhs250 for adults aged 13 years old or older; seniors aged 60+ receive 50% off all tickets; couples receive 20% off when purchasing any package online..

How do I get there? The Dubai Dolphinarium is located along Sheikh Zayed Road which branches out into many different roads leading towards places like Al Ahli Club or Al Wasl Sports Club just outside Burj Khalifa Park where visitors can enjoy picnics or other outdoor activities such as volleyball which will surely provide some much needed relief from the heat wave currently afflicting many parts of the world right now due to global warming causing extreme weather conditions such as heat waves worldwide causing temperatures higher than usual throughout summer months making life difficult especially when temperatures rise above 40 degrees Celsius or 104 Fahrenheit according

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

A great way to see the Dubai desert is by taking an evening, or night-time desert safari. The evening safari can be done in a four-wheel drive vehicle, or on camelback. The camels are very friendly and well-trained so you don’t have to worry about falling off!

The Desert Safari runs from sunset to midnight each evening at one of two locations: Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) or Dubai City Centre (DCC). This tour offers the chance to explore some of the most remote areas of RAK’s vast desert wildernesses with its ancient dunes, sand seas and rocky outcrops; plus enjoy photo opportunities at Wadi Shab waterfalls and natural rock formations such as Jebel Jais mountain range near Ras Al Khaimah – home of popular ski resort Al Ain Snow Park once winter arrives!

Motiongate Dubai Theme Park

If you’re a fan of theme parks and movies, Motiongate Dubai is the place to be. The park’s rides are themed around popular movies like Marvel, Madagascar and Harry Potter.

It also has one of the biggest water parks in Dubai. It has a wave pool, lazy river and over 70 different slides. It also includes Wave House’s surf simulator with two-story standing waves! This is perfect for those who would like to try surfing without actually going out into open water.

Bonus Tips: Enjoying the summer in Dubai with a list of fun places to visit

  • Dubai Mall

The mall has everything you could ever want. If shopping isn’t your thing, there are many restaurants and cafes to choose from.

  • Burj Khalifa

The highest building in the world is located here and it offers great views of the city. You can even go up to the 124th floor observatory if you want to experience this incredible structure even more!

  • Wild Wadi Waterpark

This place is a water park where you can go on rides like the log flume or the Tornado funnel ride that spins around at high speeds while going down into a pool of water below! Kids will love it!


You can find more information about all of these places on our website. We hope you have a great time in Dubai this summer!