Poker Rules for Beginners- How to Play Poker?

“Pochen” was the name of a bluffing game the Germans played in the 16th century. A French version called” Poque” was developed, and this was what was played on the riverboats that plied the Mississippi and New Orleans. The modern game of basic Poker was introduced in the 1830s, and it was a refined version of the aforementioned game. The key rule about drawing cards to strengthen one’s hand was added later during the Civil War. However, to play the game, one must first understand how to play Poker  and the nuances of the game.

The Pack

The standard pack has 52 cards in total, maybe with the addition of a couple of joker cards. A game of basic Poker can be played with a single deck of 52 cards, but more often than not, everywhere in the world, it is generally played with two packs of contrasting colour cards, probably to speed up the game. While one pack is in action, the second pack is being shuffled and prepared for the next deal. While one deal is in motion, the previous dealer is probably shuffling the pack he previously dealt, and once it is ready, he passes the shuffled pack to the next dealer. In games where two packs are being used, the person to the left of the dealer usually cuts the pack.

Hand Ranking

While basic Poker can be played in innumerable forms, a person who understands basic Poker rules can bet and play Poker in any situation and competition without any difficulty. A Poker hand generally consists of five cards, except in a few variations. The rank of the combination of cards in a Poker hand is from five of a kind(highest) to no pair or nothing(lowest):

  • Royal Flush

The basic Poker rules dictate that this is the highest hand in poker and consists of 5 cards of the highest rank in a sequence of the same suit. EG: Ah, Kh,Qh,Jh,10h

  • Straight flush

This is the highest hand when no wild cards are being deployed. A straight flush is five cards in sequence but of the same suit. Example: 10,9,8,7,6 of diamonds. The highest-ranking straight flush is one suit in a particular order, namely A, K, Q, J, and 10. This is commonly known as the Royal Flush.

  • Four of a kind

The next best thing is just below the straight flush. Example: Four 4s  or four aces of different suit. The fifth card doesn’t matter.

  • Full House

This kaleidoscopic hand is three cards of one rank and two cards of another rank. Example: three 8s and two 6s.

  • Flush

Five cards of the same suit, although not in sequence. Example: Q,8,5,4,2 of spades.

  • Straight

Five cards in sequence,  but not of the same suit is called a straight. Example: 8 of clubs, 7 of spades, 6 of diamonds, 5 of hearts, and 4 of clubs.

  • Three of a kind

A hand of three cards of the same rank and two cards of different ranks. Example: Three aces and a six and a four.

  • Two pairs

As the name suggests,  it consists of two cards of one rank, another two cards of another rank, and a fifth card which is completely irrelevant to the hand. Example: Two Aces, Two 8s, and a 5.

  • One pair

Finding a one-paired hand is relatively regular. It consists of a pair of one rank and three separate cards. Example: Two Js and 10,7,4.

  • High card- 

This is the most commonplace of hands and is a hand that has no rhyme or rhythm. It can consist of anything, as long as they don’t form any sequence or don’t add up.  When multiple players have a no-pair hand, their highest card helps in deciding which hand comes on top.

In a case where two hands are tied card for card, the players split the pot since suits have no relative rank in the basic Poker rules.


Now that you understand how to play Poker, you must be intrigued by the wagering strategy in the game. Betting, in essence, is a game of chip-management in the scenario of Poker.

Before each Poker deal, there will come an opportunity to bet. Players will bet based on their hands, and there will be one or more betting intervals. Maximising winnings with good hands and minimising losses with poor hands is the underlying skill that Poker requires. And, now you know how to play Poker.

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