4 Post-Operative Care Tips for Elderly Parents

Getting through a surgery can take a toll at our body, especially for elders as their bodies are already weaker due to old age. It is crucial during such times to look after your loved ones. If left unchecked, recovering from operation or surgery can create challenges.

If you have an elder who recently went through surgery, you must prioritize care until they get better. This can be done in many ways; one such method is providing services such as post operative care in Bangalore or Chennai.

However, it might be difficult to manage this if you work everyday or do not live close to your elders. If that is the case, you can always invest in a caretaker or an in-home nurse that will look after the elders. Here are five tips that you can apply during post-operative care:

Be Calm

The first thing to remember when taking care of elders who recently had a surgery, is to stay calm. You cannot rush the recovery as the body will take its own time to recover from the recent surgery. Rushing things may only make things more difficult and might cause discomfort and pain to the elder as well.

Understand that the body of elders will not recover as quickly as it might for a teenager or an adult. Further, during recovery they might be on prescriptions, which can make them tired. You have to be patient with them as they are already in pain and might want more rest.

If you aren’t always available, it might be better to hire a caretaker or a certified nurse at home. They specifically provide care services for elders and will ensure your loved ones have a safe and speedy recovery.

Proper Diet

The next tip during post-operative elder care is to keep a keen eye on the diet of your elders. Diet can play a major role during recovery, as some foods are known to promote quick recovery, and other food types might make it worse. If you do not know what diet is better during recovery, its best to either consult a doctor or consider hiring a caretaker or a certified nurse at home.


During recovery, elders will have multiple doctor appointments to the recovery process and take appropriate steps moving forward. The elders may forget these things at all times. Hence it is your job to ensure they attend every appointment they might have. If you cannot physically be present with them at all times, consider investing in caretaker services, so your elders do not miss out on important things.

Caretaker Services

The next tip is to find a caretaker service provider for your elders. This can be a professional that looks after them throughout the day, a certified nurse that can take care of their health and ensure timely medicines or a professional that can do both for the elder.

Elder care services are crucial to ensure the safety of your loved ones. Apart from helping elders get through the day, these caretakers will also act as a companion, which can help remove that feeling of loneliness or being left alone, your elders might feel, as it is quite common once you get to that stage.


Ensuring the well being of your elders will help them stay happy for a long time, it’s always best to find different ways or services that can help support your loved ones during difficult times.

There are a lot of elder care agencies and companies that provide services such as Post Operative care in Chennai or Bangalore, nurse at home, cook services and so on. Consider investing in the ones that you believe will help your elder the best way possible.

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