Prestige Kings County: Your Gateway to Luxurious Living in Bangalore

Introduction to Prestige Kings County

Welcome to Prestige Kings County, where luxury living meets green surroundings and modern comforts. Located in peaceful Jigani and Rajapura, this place offers a mix of calmness and style. Let’s explore what makes this residential project special!

Prestige Kings County – Location Advantage

Prestige Kings County is a peaceful place to live in Bangalore, located in Jigani and Rajapura. It offers a nice mix of calmness and convenience. One of the best things about this luxurious housing project by Prestige Group is its location.

It’s close to Electronic City, Bannerghatta Road, and NICE Ring Road. This means residents can easily reach major IT hubs and business areas. So, if you work in these areas, living here makes your daily travel easier.

Surrounded by greenery, Prestige Kings County gives you a break from city noise. You can relax in nature and still have everything you need nearby.

The area is developing fast, with new metro lines and roads coming up. Buying a property in Prestige Kings County could be a good investment for the future.

Project Overview

Welcome to Prestige Kings County, a fancy home project in Bangalore that gives a new meaning to comfortable living. The homes here are beautifully made, combining comfort and style perfectly. Each home is carefully designed to look modern and classy.

Prestige Kings County is set in a large area of greenery, making it a peaceful place to live in. The buildings blend well with the natural surroundings, making it a calm place for residents to relax.

There are many amenities at Prestige Kings County to make your life better. From a modern gym to beautiful gardens and pools, everything here is made to suit your needs and wants. Whether you want to have fun or just chill, there’s something here for everyone.

Live in luxury at Prestige Kings County, where every little thing is designed to give you the best living experience in Bangalore.

Amenities Offered by Prestige Kings County

Prestige Kings County in Bangalore has lots of nice things for people who like fancy living. They have cool stuff for everyone who lives there.

They have pretty gardens where you can relax outside and enjoy nature. If you like jogging, there are special paths for that.

If you like swimming, they have pools for adults and kids to swim in when it’s hot.

For people who like playing sports, there are tennis and basketball courts. You can play games with your friends or practice.

If you want to stay healthy, they have a gym with all the equipment you need to exercise.

And if you want to have parties or events, there’s a big room you can use. It’s all right there in Prestige Kings County!

Key Connectivity

Prestige Kings County makes it easy to get around the city. It’s close to important roads like Bannerghatta Road and NICE Ring Road, so traveling is simple for residents.

If you like flying, Kempegowda International Airport is just a short drive from Prestige Kings County. Whether you’re traveling for work or fun, getting there is easy. Nearby railway stations like Heelalige and Karmelaram also make it easy to travel within the city or to other places.

Being close to tech parks like Electronic City and Bommasandra Industrial Area makes Prestige Kings County a great choice for professionals working there. Enjoy unmatched convenience with a well-connected address at Prestige Kings County.

Nearby Landmarks

When you live in Prestige Kings County, you’re near many famous places. A short drive away is Bannerghatta Biological Park, great for a weekend trip to see nature and animals up close.

For history and culture lovers, the Art of Living International Center is nearby. This peaceful place lets you relax and refresh your mind and soul.

If you love shopping, Neo Mall is close by. It’s a great place for fashion and food. You can shop or eat at the many restaurants in the mall.

Also, IIM Bangalore is nearby, which is great for families interested in education. Having these places close by makes Prestige Kings County a great place to live in Bangalore.


Prestige Kings County is a fancy place to live with all the modern comforts. It’s located in a good spot in the Jigani-Rajapura area, which means it’s both convenient and peaceful. The facilities are designed to meet all your needs, giving you a life of luxury and relaxation.

Prestige Kings County isn’t just a place to live; it’s an experience that changes how you see city living. From beautiful gardens to great facilities, everything is carefully designed with style. It’s near important roads, so getting around is easy, and you can easily reach nearby places for fun and entertainment.

If you want a home that’s stylish and elegant, Prestige Kings County in Bangalore is the place to be. Enjoy luxury like never before at this special address where every moment is peaceful and luxurious. Welcome home to Prestige Kings County – your ticket to a better life in the heart of Bangalore.

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